Go Shiozaki regains GHC Heavyweight Title at NOAH's 'Majestic' event, Satoshi Kojima appears

Originally published at Go Shiozaki regains GHC Heavyweight Title at NOAH's 'Majestic' event, Satoshi Kojima appears

New GHC Heavyweight Champion crowned.

The vacant GHC Heavyweight Championship was on the line in the main event of Pro Wrestling NOAH’s ‘Majestic’ show at Ryōgoku Sumo Hall. Go Shiozaki competed against Kaito Kiyomiya for the title and it was Shiozaki emerging victorious to become champion once again.

In February 2021, Shiozaki lost the GHC Heavyweight belt to Keiji Muto. Following that loss, the newly crowned champion took time away from NOAH to have shoulder surgery. The title was recently vacated due to former champion Kazuyuki Fujita contracting COVID.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Satoshi Kojima made his return to NOAH and teamed with Naomichi Marufuji and they took on Kinya Okada and Yoshiki Inamura. As the new GHC Heavyweight Champion Go Shiozaki was addressing the crowd, he was approached by Kojima and a challenge was issued and accepted.


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Other highlights from the ‘Majestic’ event included GHC Tag Team Champions Hideki Suzuki and Takashi Sugiura retaining their titles and then being confronted by René Duprée and El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr.

Simon Gotch made his NOAH debut by challenging Masakatsu Funaki for the GHC National Title. Funaki retained in their bout.

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