Go Shiozaki returns to Pro Wrestling NOAH, issues challenge for GHC Heavyweight Title

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The former GHC Heavyweight Champion has returned.

Headlining Pro Wrestling NOAH’s ‘NOAH the BEST’ event was a title versus title match featuring GHC Heavyweight Champion Katsuhiko Nakajima and GHC National Champion Kenoh. The match resulted in a time-limit draw and post-match, while Nakajima was still in the ring, Go Shiozaki made his return.

He approached Nakajima and issued a challenge for the GHC Heavyweight Title for NOAH’s January 1st event and Nakajima accepted.

「LEC クリンぱっ! presents NOAH the BEST 2021」

中嶋「(潮崎に対して)あのタイミングで来るのはなんだかたな。潮崎豪、美味しい存在なのか?まぁやってみなきゃわかんないか。でもおれがノアだ。武道館終わらせてやる」#GHCvsGHC#noah_ghc pic.twitter.com/TkjT4BZQMq

— プロレスリング・ノア |PROWRESTLING NOAH (@noah_ghc) November 28, 2021

潮崎「1.1日本武道館、GHCヘビー級、つぎは俺だ!!」 @ABEMA で視聴中 https://t.co/cERRpjYJBQ #noah_ghc #GHCvsGHC pic.twitter.com/fATy3AJm8N

— プロレスリング・ノア |PROWRESTLING NOAH (@noah_ghc) November 28, 2021


In March, Shiozaki took time off so he could undergo shoulder surgery. One month prior to stepping away, Shiozaki lost the GHC Heavyweight Title to Keiji Muto.

NOAH’s January 1st show will also feature the return of KENTA. January 8th is the third day of Wrestle Kingdom 16 which is the NOAH versus New Japan Pro-Wrestling pay-per-view in Yokohama, Japan.