Going back to the cinema, what are you going to see?

Hope this isn’t insensitive to those who are still in lockdown, but now that cinemas are opening back up, similar to the what are we watching thread, I’m interested to know what people are booking and excited to see soon. I booked 3 movies for next Tuesday:

Godzilla v Kong: generally not my kind of thing, don’t like any Godzilla or King Kong movie that I’ve seen but a big action movie is how I wanted to start.

Spiral, from the book of saw: I’m binging the saw movies in preparation, they’re a mixed bag imho but with the added budget and cast of Chris rock and Samuel l Jackson, I have high hopes.

Gladiator: I f-ing love this movie, but it’s been a good few years since I’ve seen it, so buzzing to see it on the big screen as I didn’t have the chance on first release. I’m hoping the cinema I go to does more retro films.

Can’t wait :grin:


If I’m double-vaxxed by the time it’s out, “Dune”, hands-down. I’ve been tracking its development for years, and I have all the faith in Villeneuve to give the book the scope and grandeur it deserves. There are generally only one or two movies a year which I feel are “must see on the big screen” ventures (just watched the incredibly disappointing “Tenet” and Nolan must have disappeared pretty far up his own ass to have demanded that people risk infection to see that dreck in IMAX), but “Dune” definitely fits the bill.


All double-vaxxed and eager to get back to watching the movies now that theatres are opening up. Probably gonna go out of my way to watch Black Widow.


My second shot is late August so Shang-Chi!


If they put ZS Justice League in theatres I’ll go multiple times lol

Hopefully will be fully vaxxed by the fall. Second shot is set for September 1st.

I honestly just can’t wait to see anything. I love seeing films theatrically, and it’s probably the thing I’ve missed the most in the last 18 months. I cannot wait to go back.

Hopefully in the meanwhile Drive-ins are allowed to open here, so I can get a fix.

It’s awesome that Black Widow will also be releasing on Disney+ Premium.


Should have said, I’m fully vaxxed and also have to do two covid tests a week. So I’m pretty safe to go. Very excited for black widow and the other mcu releases.

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The last movie I saw in theaters was “Far From Home”, so it makes sense that my first one back should be “No Way Home”!

Plus that gives me time to fully shed this “Covid Weight”! :100:


I’m in the same boat as Nate. The last movie I saw in theatres was Far from Home, and No Way Home is probably the one I’m most likely to go out for next (even if COVID wasn’t a thing).

Clearly, only Spider-Man can drag me out of my house.

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I fully vaxx in the US. I saw the Mortal Kombat movie with a friend. I more often go to the theater on my own. Im leaning towards Black Widow if buzz is good. The new Space Jam i may watch for a 2nd time with a friend if find some one that is interested. I have HBO Max so I can watch at home.

I’m fully vaccinated. Most likely Black Widow two months from now, provided I hear good things. If one of my friends who has a profile on my Disney+ account wants to watch it through there, however, I’ll pay for Premier Access. It’s what I did when one of them wanted to see Raya and the Last Dragon for his stepson’s birthday, so I did it for that and he reimbursed me.

I have HBO Max as well (via my folks’ cable provider, so no extra cost since they have HBO), and their strategy this year for Warner Bros. releases is making it a good reason to stay home for them, but The Suicide Squad in August might make me want to see it with a crowd.

Slated for late June/early July, so Black Widow is tops, but I have a couple of Drive ins in southern manitoba, so who knows?

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If it’s still out by the time I’m fully Vaccinated, I’d probably go see the Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. I loved the first one, and at this point being in a theatre, I could use a laugh.

Went to see cruella and a quiet place part 2 yesterday. Cruella was very good and I’d highly reccomend.

Quiet place 2 was ok, I didn’t like the first as much as a lot of people but if you liked that it’s not a step down.

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I heard Cuella was trying to be way too many things at once and kind of a dud.

I’m going to the Tango Blast machine and pick n mix first

Just booked my ticket for black widow on the 7th July. Can’t wait for this one, phase 4 has been a long time coming.

Seeing Black Widow next week at an Odeon with hose seats like Sofas.

Not gonna eat all day so I can get an XL popcorn, pick n mix and ice cream going in

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I’ve gone for the vip seats too for this one. Not been this excited about a movie in years.