Golden Lovers

Watched Honor Rising night 2 today. I am so impressed by the Golden Lovers.

They are so fluid in the ring and do some amazing tag team moves. This whole bullet club implosion will wind up the storyline of the year.

I bet they spend the whole year building to the golden lovers explode match at jan. 4th wrestle kingdom 2019.

If they do that match I hope it’s for the IWGP heavyweight title with Omega as champ, that guy deserves that title for sure. Regardless they’re handling this story really well and it’s grabbed my full attention.


I can see Kota v Omega in the G1 Final I Budakan - which I somehow expect to have more hype than any Omega Okada rematch.

Isn’t Kota banned from the Budakan for moonsaulting off the balcony?

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Yes! Which is why it will have even crazier hype than normal. They are running the G1 Finals there, I’d be shocked if one of (if not the) biggest baby face in the company is not on those three shows.

(Hoping I’m not too hopeful here)

Kenny retweeted this long thread last night so I feel it’s appropriate to post. A real good rundown of the history:


Fantastic stuff! They have incredible history, I’m happy to see someone document it really well. I hope he keeps the thread updated.

I read that last night. So awesome!