Good guy Mick Foley

Who else in wrestling could you see criticizing the president?

I know the Rock kind of attacked “bad leadership” after Trump was attacking BLM, but he didn’t name Donald specifically, if I remember.

Please, keep this civil.

I have a feeling that Jim Cornette might voice his opinion if asked.


How about people currently signed to WWE, as Foley technically is

Ya, I’m pretty sure Cornette is very anti Trump and has made many comments about it.

A lot of people in wrestling have criticized Trump, just none that I’m aware of in WWE. It probably doesn’t make a lot of sense because of how close the ties are with the McMahons and Donald.

In fact the only person who I think has said much was Gunner (Forgotten Sons), who is supporting Trump. WWE talent is likely too scared to speak out like they are on so many issues.

The closest one I can think of is Zayn, who is pretty outspoken.

Mick is only 55

I always forget how young he was when he fake retired.

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I’m anti-Trump, but if I was a superstar I wouldn’t talk about politics in public at all because I wouldn’t want to hear from the Twitter psychos on both sides of the aisle. It would just be unnecessary drama.


Obviously none of you listen to Jim’s Drive Through or The Experience.

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Can’t say that I do sunshine.

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A few have

Batista is a Democrat
Kevin Nash has regularly bashed Trump

It’s hard. In addition to McMahon there are lots of Trump supporters (ie Undertaker, Lawler, etc) so I can see it being hard to speak out

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That’s true. Kevin Nash craps on Trump pretty regularly.

It’s not hard at all. It just requires individuals to show some balls and not be a sellout when it comes to their principals.

True. However reasonable you sound there will always be a section of either the right or the left that will paint you as an extreme version of “the other side”.

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This is easier said than done.

If you start calling out Trump knowing your bosses wife is in his cabinet then you run the risk he will hold it against you.

This is also Vince - one of pettiest human beings alive. So that risk is close to 100 percent.


That is where principles come into play. Anyone signing a WWE contract knows what they are signing up to.

it would be very idealistic to expect one to choose a job based on their boss having the same political beliefs as themselves, especially when their boss is a billionaire. You would close a lot of doors for yourself if you did that when job searching. It’s noble but not practical for most


100% agreed. Its very easy to anonymously say you would speak out against your bosses political beliefs, its another to actually do it when their could be a financial hit to you and your family.

Tell me another company where this would actually be an issue? Is this an American thing because nobody in the UK would give a f@@k.

If the WWE came calling for me tomorrow with a contract, I would sign it and work for them. Either side of the aisle, there’s nothing to be gained by talking shit about candidates. I think it’s a lot easier said than done.

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