Got a Belt at Work Today

Walking through the Marketing Dept at work today and I see something that catches my eye. I stop and go get a closer look. There is a WWE Smackdown Tag team belt sitting in the window. I go over tot take a look and Christina starts asking me if I like WWE and if I was excited for Smackdown debut on Fox. I was honest with her and told her I have been unhappy with the WWE for sometime and have stopped watching it, but that I still watch other wrestling. We talk for about 10 mins and she asks if I would like the belt. I tell her no I cant except that it was sent to you and you should keep it. She tells me that I like wrestling more then here and insists I take it. I am now the proud owner of the wrestling belt. I was shocked she offered it after I said I wasnt a fan of the way WWE at this current time.

Anyone ever display a belt on a wall and what did you use?


Very cool! Wonder why they sent the tag title?

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I know we have done advertisements with WWE so it might be a sponsor related. The marketing people are all the time getting free stuff. I have seen boxes of UFC, NCAA March Madness and NFL swag in the past.

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I meant why tag instead of world?

Good question. Another lady at work received the same box. I will have to ask her if she got the same one.

Could it be cause it has the Fox logo on the leather and Fox logo is blue?

that’s amazing @Deno

Do you work for Fox?
Very cool!!

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Nope I am a contractor at Pizza Hut Corp office.

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Talked to the other person at work that got the same box and it was the same belt.

Likely wanted to ensure it was a Smackdown branded belt to help promote Smackdown on Fox, so Tag Belt worked better.