Grayson Waller: NBC Young Rock wanted me to come back to play Ric Flair role again

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He was asked to come back but Waller says he has ‘other things’ on his horizon. 

As Grayson Waller is prepping to challenge Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship at New Year’s Evil on January 13th, he has been promoting the match through media appearances. 

For season one of the NBC series Young Rock, Waller played the role of Ric Flair. He shared with TV Insider that he was told they wanted him back to continue playing the role of Flair but he had other thing in his sights. 

I don’t think the people there were as big wrestling fans as I was. I remember having a conversation about the wrestling gear for Flair and asked if we can get the kneepads under the knee. They told me they were kneepads. I was like, ‘But Flair wore his kneepads lower. I’m trying to make it authentic.’ They wouldn’t listen to me. Even some of the actors like the guy playing Rocky Johnson really had no idea what wrestling was at the time. He had to do his own stunts and had to get in the ring with me and wasn’t happy about it. I think everyone was really happy though with me. They wanted me to come back to play Flair, but I have a few other things on my horizon right now.

Waller has guest appeared and starred in reality television shows in the past. He stated that since he’s joined WWE, he’s had some ‘big time’ offers come his way from that branch of television. 

I’ve had offers from big-time reality shows since I’ve been here. I’m sure as my name continues to grow, those acting opportunities will come too. I would kill it. Right now, my focus is on [WWE]. I haven’t achieved my goals yet. I have too many goals I want to achieve in wrestling right now. I think it would be a failure to myself if I up and left. Now I’m focused on taking on Bron Breakker at New Year’s Evil and becoming champion. Then getting called up, and running the show on Raw or SmackDown. Then I’ll think about going down other avenues.

On the go-home episode of NXT before New Year’s Evil, Waller brought Bron Breakker onto his ‘Waller Effect’ show. A recap of the segment and the entire show can be heard here