Grilling JR

Has anyone listened to Grilling Jr, the reformatted Jim Ross podcast? They have one episode out with JR discussing leaving wcw for wwf.

I think Jim is one of the greatest storytellers in wrestling. Very interesting and honest.

I fell off his podcast because I don’t think hes a good interviewer, especially with young talent. He talks over them and gives them advice instead of just listening and asking follow up questions. I miss his weekly take on the product but Ross is a much better subject than interviewer. Conrad’s great as usual.

I loved him talking about commentary as his lifelong passion. A legend!


I agree with your assessment.
Early on I listened to his Podcast and really lost interest quick.

The new format with Conrad hosting is a wise move. Listened to the first episode, and was really good.

I don’t think I’ve ever been a fan of “Good Ol’ JR”, but I am a fan of Jim Ross in this format.

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Conrad does a very good job guiding these shows and getting the most out of some strong personalities.


Will check it out.

I hated his podcast as he’s horrible as an interviewer. But might be different with Conrad at the helm

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It is WAY better with Conrad. I think he helps keep JR on track a bit more and keeps the story more focused.

That being said, the bitterness and grumpy old man-ness of JR is really grating for a near 3 hour podcast. Great stories though, and worth listening to.


I listened to the first one, and it wasn’t bad. I think it will take them a few episodes to get into a rhythm. My favorite Conrad podcast is still What Happened When with Tony Schiavone.

problem with all of Conrads pod cast is they are too long. Break them up into 2 parters. I know it makes no since but I would listen to two different podcasts at 1 to 1-1/2 hours a week then one of 2-3 hours

There was a time when the Prichard show was going super long, where each episode would be 4 hours. It is difficult to keep up with all of Conrad’s podcasts. WHW with Tony Schiavone sometimes is only an hour and a half if they do an old Crockett TV. The Prichard show has also been a little more condensed lately.

Why not just stop it half-way, and finish it at another time?

Just found out about this (from this thread) and will give it a listen. For a guy like JR, I think I’ll prefer the Conrad formula of “pick a topic and go through the details with somebody who was there”.

And this may sound stupid, but I couldn’t stand JR’s ad breaks. And as someone who listens to podcasts mainly while driving, this was a big deal. If I never have to hear him do another Stu Hart or Gordon Solie impression, I’m in.


Good question. I am sure its more mental then anything. I just look at the time and think I dont have the time to commit to that long a pod cast but hey I can listen to two others that are equal in time to it.

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This true

Shari’s berries.

Another winner from Conrad! This has taken the place of Something to Wrestle With as I believe you’re only going to get “WWE speak” from Bruce now that he works for them

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The Ross report was an old man mumbling,this so far has been great.


Anyone listen to the latest episode on Capital Combat '90? It was an interesting episode and felt JR reverted a little back to his preachy old school, “Wrestlers these days need to learn how to sell” ways. I will give JR credit in the fact that he is better than Bruce Prichard at admitting fault and being critical of himself and the companies he worked for.

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I really liked his barbecue sauce. They used to sell it in the local grocery store, then one day they were all marked for clearance and disappeared.

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