GRR start time in your country

UK have a 5pm start time.This is perfect and i will be getting fucked up on expensive wine and doritos.
5* matches all round.
Makes a change from a gallon of Red Bull


It starts at 11am CST. I have an appointment that morning so i’ll probably start it late and be secretly watching it at work that afternoon.

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It’s actually gonna feel weird watching live WWE at the civilized hour of 5pm.

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Also UK but I work until 6pm so will either slack off and watch on my phone or more likely just catch up when I get home.

What a plan! Once I get home on the Friday I’ll be doing the same :smiley:

11 am start time for me as well. I was going to request off work, but my boss is going on vacation and I’m her backup so I can’t. This is probably the first time a major WWE event has been held during weekday office business hours ever. I’ll likely be watching on demand when I get home on Friday night.

I think it starts at noon eastern on Friday, here in Ontario Canada.

Luckily I work in a role where I can telecommute so I will be working from home with the PPV on my TV and my laptop somewhere close to work during the slower matches.

Got a 1.5litre bottle of Rioja and various snacks.This is when all WWE events should start.

12 EST. Perfect time for lunch