Guardians of The Galaxy III - Feedback Thread (SPOILERS AHEAD)

I really enjoyed the movie. It wraps up the trilogy quite nicely.

James Gunn is a master when it comes to having to deal with a lot of characters and situations and having it all make sense at the end.

My only criticism is : Adam Warlock. What on earth was that character ?

Adam Warlock is nearly a god in the comics. In this movie, he is a joke. He talks like a bad shakespearian actor, he is too easily beaten and does not appear like a main character at all.

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What a freaking movie. Wow.


My only frame of reference for Adam Warlock was the unrelated Guardians of the Galaxy video game from a couple years ago. This was never his movie. Just an adversary sent into action too soon (so not as much time to “cook”) by the true villain (High Evolutionary, who I thought was the Guardians’ best villain yet) and has a redemptive arc.

Lots of good arcs in this. This is Rocket’s story more than anyone’s, and I thought it was told so well.

This may be my favorite of the three volumes, and my favorite Marvel movie since Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Cosmo is a GOOD DOG. I took my mom with me to see this, and I think she liked Cosmo the most.

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I thought it was overall fantastic. Peak MCU. A fun, action packed, comic booky, funny, bright movie but also with this really strong emotional heartbeat that builds on our 10 year history with the characters.

It was an emotional roller coaster with some of the darkest moments I can think of in the entire MCU being Rockets torture and transformation. As Lilah pointed out, Vol 3 in particular is definitely his story.

It was a bit too long. But it also never dragged and every character got enough attention. Even Cosmo! I love Cosmo from the comics. I’m glad he’s being featured more now.

Definitely the best film since Endgame. My new phase 4/5 ranking is:

  1. Guardians 3
  2. Spider-Man 3
  3. Black Panther 2
  4. Black Widow
  5. Ant-Man 3
  6. Doctor Strange 2
  7. Thor 4
  8. Shang-Chi
  9. Eternals
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Jay from Colorado

Fantastic ending to what’s been a well executed story arc. I went into this film expecting that at least Rocket and Drax would die, and was pleasantly surprised no one died.

Well, I should say no one of consequence died. Was it just me or did this movie have a high body count? Taking the destruction of an entire civilization out of it, there was a lot of killing. I’m not complaining at all just a surprise for a Guardians film. Also, they dropped the F bomb! Was that the first time in the MCU?

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She now apparently.


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So it’s a good movie?

It was a mic drop for the ages. It’s a lot bleaker than the previous two with Rocket being front and center. The laughs are still there to balance everything out. The whole cast was in rare form and the High Evolutionary was completely detestable.

James Gunn should be proud of what he’s done with Star-Lord and company as he can move on to the next chapter of his career.

That oner fight scene in the tunnel set to No Sleep ‘til Brooklyn was so ill


James Gunn at his James Gunniest. Happy he got to tell the story he wanted to, within the confines of the MCU.

His voice is going to definitely be missed from the MCU.

I’ve been a fan of his writing since Tromeo and Juliet. Happy he’s on top of the world. He’s earned it.


After the ‘Meh’ I felt watching Quantumania, this was the way to bring me back into the Marvel Fold. As said before, this was a VERY dark movie, with characters you grew to love acting in not very nice ways. (I really was drawn to Drax and Mantis acting like squabbling brother and sister at times. Props for Dave and Pom’s acting here.) Again, Bradley Cooper steals the movie (Along with Sean Gunn, who was the reference for Rocket again) and proving he’s an actor who can do amazing voice work as well…not an easy thing to do. Chris Pratt goes from someone who you want to hit upside the head at the beginning to being his old, Star-Lord self again by the end. But the true miracle of the movie is The High Evolutionary. It’s been a bit since we’ve had a scenery chewing villain you love to hate, and boy we got one here. We had cheers when Rocket faced off (sorry for the bad joke from the end there) against him. James Gunn brought such a unique voice to the MCU, and it will be missed…but if he does half as good with DC’s next projects, they are in good hands.
Richard in East Selkirk, MB.

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Ian from Best Film Ever:

It was alright but nothing spectacular on my end. An alcoholism subplot was established and abandoned pretty quickly, they seemed to borrow large chunks of the Wolverine storyline from X-2 for Rocket, and the villain was an over-the-top mess. Peter Quill comes off as relentless in his “why won’t you love me” pursuit of Gamora that’s often played for comedy, which is concerning. They go to the “did we kill your favourite? No, we didn’t kill your favourite, but you thought we did” well three times (Groot, Rocket, Peter) for fake emotional stakes. What are the Guardians without their charm? This film.

Cosmo is a good dog though.

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Bumping this for tonight. Join me, WH and Neal for our live podcast talking about this movie at 10pm ET in the Café.

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Imran from Huddersfield

Easily the best Marvel offering since the last Spiderman. Think the fact that it didn’t have to set-up any other TV shows/movies or fit into a bigger picture really helped, as it could just be it’s own movie, giving us a story that can focus on the characters we all know and love (… And Adam Warlock for some reason).

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Anthony from Melbourne

Loved it!

The first one is still my favourite but this is a very close second, all the characters had a lot of depth, a lot of the stories went full circle which is rare for any trilogy especially one affected by the rest of the MCU.

If I had two minor criticisms it is that I didn’t properly understand why Rocket had a self district triggered (apparently the High Evolutionary had a self destruct on all his creations to stop others experimenting on them and work out how he created them, which was triggered by the use of the med pack).

Secondly the High Evolutionary power scale seemed to vary from very OP to medium strength toward the final battle. He also gave me Kang vibes as a person who wasn’t actually strong and just got his powers from a futuristic suit but then again, iron man and many other marvel characters are the same, I guess it was just fresh since Kang was introduced in the last movie.

If it hasn’t already been discussed, what are your thoughts on how marvel handle Jonathan Majors moving forward?

Dc jermaine from Chicago. I enjoyed this movie, it was a bounce back in two ways. One from gtog volume 2 which wasn’t bad but wasn’t at the level of part one. Also a bounce back from that terrible straight out a box antman movie. Everyone got to shine .This movie was a mashup of gotg and the suicide squad and peacemaker. With all the actors coming together. Never thought I would hear an Earth Wind and Fire song in a marvel movie and it not be September but reasons is a classic. James Gunn is a visionary, excited to see what he does without Kevin feige all over his back like a Vince McMahon to a HHH. Gunn is on a role with his last two movies. Very interesting to see him work with one of the goats of superheroes Next time out. Thanks you guys for what you do. The flash is coming soon!

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