Guilty pleasure music you like unironically

We all know John unironically loves Aqua. What music commonly considered a guilty pleasure do you like unironically? I’ll have to admit I like some songs by Creed.

So many to list lol. Creed, Godsmack, some nickleback. I have too many “shit bands” that I like.

So… just a bunch of 2000s WWE pay-per-view themes on repeat? :laughing:

As a music geek, I like the history of music. I think anything is at least interesting if not good. I don’t get the expression “guilty pleasure”.

All those post-Pearl Jam bands that sounded deep because of the Eddie Vedder voice. I liked Seether for a while.

I was a big fan of nu-metal in my teens and haven’t completely grown out of it. I still will listen to bands like Korn, Static-X, and Slipknot every once in a while.


Do wrestling themes count? I listen to them more than I should and especially when working out.

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I’ve been listening to Bayleys theme song to hype me up before a night at work

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