GUNTHER reacts to being longest reigning WWE IC Champion of 21st century, potential match with Cody Rhodes in Europe

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GUNTHER is inching close to the 300-day mark. 

For over 250 days, GUNTHER has been reigning as WWE Intercontinental Champion. This current title run has secured him the spot as the longest reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion of the 21st century. 

Ahead of his title defense on tonight’s SmackDown in Montreal, GUNTHER joined Corey Graves and Sam Roberts to record an episode of After The Bell. He expressed that the aforementioned accolade is a great accomplishment, but he’s nowhere near done.  

I mean, I’m not done yet (GUNTHER responded when asked what it means to him to be the longest reigning WWE I.C. Champion of the 21st century)… I’m just focused on whatever is next but, obviously all of that, all the numbers that get thrown around recently and stuff, it’s a little bit like wind underneath the wings. Get a little bit of extra motivation if that makes sense and yeah, I think it’s a great accomplishment so far. I’m very grateful for that and the Intercontinental Championship definitely is one of the most prestigious titles in WWE and just to put my own stamp in the history of the title, that’s very rewarding and if I think back 15 years ago or something, it’s surreal as well, I gotta be honest.

On a recent episode of After The Bell, 2023 men’s Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes stated that he’d like to share the ring with GUNTHER in Europe. 

GUNTHER and Cody were the final two participants in the men’s Rumble. The Intercontinental Champion says a match with Rhodes sounds good to him and he thinks Rhodes is the perfect match for him. 

I mean, obviously it does (sound attractive — idea of facing Cody Rhodes in Europe). I think when I knew that scenario would go down with me and Cody at the end, well I knew, the guy was out for a little bit. Since then, I was able to work my way up and I was like, okay, I have to introduce him to the new reality over here. That was kind of my attitude going into that and yeah, obviously, that was just a taste for everybody. I think Cody is one of those guys, that’s the perfect match for me, the perfect opposite if that makes sense. I think the match is right there whenever it needs to happen. If it would happen in Europe, obviously, it would be fantastic.

GUNTHER’s next title defense is against Madcap Moss on tonight’s SmackDown. He spoke highly of Moss’ speed and athleticism and added that Moss has him beat in that department. 

Tonight (on SmackDown) is gonna be a similar situation because Madcap Moss is — I mean, look at this guy. He’s an elite athlete. Crazy amount of power, crazy amount of speed in the ring when he hits the ropes. I remember I watched him wrestle in England for NXT U.K. a few years back and I saw how that guy hit the ropes and the kind of speed he created. I was really impressed with that so again, that’s a new scenario for me because when it comes to athleticism, he’s gonna be better than me in any regard so now I have to find a way to be able to control him and to take that advantage away from him so it’s gonna be very interesting going into tonight’s match and I will have to come up with a very different approach than usual.

POST Wrestling’s John Pollock and Wai Ting are going to be in Montreal and their coverage of the weekend of shows will be shared here on the site. 

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