Guy Evans to release "Beyond NITRO" follow-up book on WCW

Originally published at Guy Evans to release "Beyond NITRO" follow-up book on WCW

Guy Evans has announced a follow-up project to his 2018 book on the history of World Championship Wrestling.

On Monday, Evans stated he will be releasing Beyond NITRO: Untold Stories from the WCW era for release later this year. The follow-up is set to include additional interviews he has conducted since the release of NITRO six years ago.

BEYOND NITRO is officially available for pre-order!

This brand-new book – written in the same engaging style as NITRO – features an array of incredible UNTOLD stories, engrossing personal profiles, and detailed reflections on the enduring legacy of WCW. 

As many people have often observed, the research which informed my original book – NITRO: The Incredible Rise and Inevitable Collapse of Ted Turner’s WCW – was incredibly thorough and exhaustive. After three-and-a-half years of interviews, writing and research, the bookwas eventually published in July 2018…but quietly, the work only continued! NITRO was a near-600 page project upon its initial release, but now – some six years later – there’s even more todiscuss, examine and reveal about Ted Turner’s WCW!

Since NITRO, I have had the privilege of getting to know even more people connected with World Championship Wrestling. Therefore, the format of this new book is centeredaround the experiences of those people – some of whom are already well-known to fans, and others whose identity may previously have been a mystery.

Always engaging – and frequently revelatory – the stories featured in Beyond NITRO are interspersed with additional chapters on a wide variety of incisive subjects, including the importance of WCW to fans in the South, the ‘dream match’ that never was, and a look at wrestling nostalgia in its contemporary form.

If you’ve enjoyed my work to date – and would like to see more books in the future – pre-order Beyond NITRO now! 

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Some of the questions answered in Beyond NITRO include:

Who REALLY designed the iconic nWo logo?

How did a teenage WWF fan get on WCW payroll?

What (or who) is the unlikely thread connecting WCW…and the CIA???

How did Dusty Rhodes – at the height of the Monday Night Wars, no less – become an announcer for…*checks notes* swamp buggy racing in Florida?

What was the story behind a filmed WCW vs. nWo vignette which never made air?

Why exactly did Hollywood Hogan wrestle at a private event, circa 1997, in the red-and-yellow as HULK Hogan?

What explains the public’s continued fascination with WCW – and the Monday Night Wars in general?

What was the secret ‘ambush meeting’ in 1999 which caused serious personal and professional repercussions for one party?

Whose set of previously unpublished communications shine new light on the chaos of WCW, circa 2000-01?

And much, much, much more!!!

Evans was featured in the recent VICE series, “Who Killed WCW?” and co-wrote Eric Bischoff’s book, Grateful, in 2022.

So apparently Bischoff had a good deal of influence in the production of WKWCW. It would’ve been cool had this been announced on the show. Guy Evans’s book is super informative and I’m sure this new one will be just as good/comprehensive.