'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan announces that he's cancer-free

Originally published at 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan announces that he's cancer-free

Jim Duggan is cancer free.

Several months ago, ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan was hospitalized and later shared the news that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Duggan underwent successful surgery on 10/29 and he took to his social media today and announced that he is now cancer free.

Hi everybody. I just wanna share everybody the great news I just received that my cancer was all encapsulated inside my prostate. They checked my bones, that came out clear. The surrounding tissue came out clear, the lymph nodes came out clear so thank God, I’m cancer free. You know, this was my second bout with cancer. 20 years ago, I had kidney cancer, now prostate cancer. Folks remember, early detection saves lives and merry, merry Christmas. Ho, Ho, Hooo!

Let's kick off the day with an update from Hacksaw! Hoooooo! pic.twitter.com/iN40n38Rsv

— Hacksaw Jim Duggan (@OfficialHacksaw) December 8, 2021

The WWE Hall Of Famer is in his late 60s and he regularly does signings and appearances.