Hana Kimura dead

OMG. I can’t believe this. I saw her posting some disturbing things lately but she’s like 22. This is terrible

This is beyond horrible.

From what I read I draw the conclusion that she committed suicide because of online harassment.

FN hell…

I’ve never seen her wrestle before, but I remember John and Wai mentioning her a while back when she was doing terrace house. So sad, 22 is way to young.

I hate to speculate with something like this, but everything I am reading and all reports are pointing towards suicide. With that said, one of my best friends of 24 years committed suicide a couple years ago, its a pain that stays with you, forever wondering if you could have done something to prevent it. Going through it myself, I really feel for her friends and family. Such a preventable thing.

I’ve read quite a bit about online harassment, and I don’t know much about it. Was she being targeted by wrestling fans? Reality TV show fans? Or was this something from people within one of the industries?

It would’ve been reality tv fans. From what I can gather, they basically had a fight over laundry. She had forgotten her tokyo dome gear in the washing machine, and the guy washed his stuff without looking, which I think shrunk or altered her gear.

I guess she blew up on him and fans of the show went after her. This includes slapping him.

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Awful. Cyber bullying and mental health issues are a big deal right now. RIP.

God damn. 22 is a kid. I don’t follow Stardom or Japanese wrestling at all, but what does that matter right now? Absolutely heartbreaking.


This is just awful news. What a sad week it’s been. Simply a tragedy.

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I had a feeling this was the case. So sad. Thanks for posting.