Hana Kimura passes away at age 22

Sorry about that; didn’t think it was offensive at the time.

Will be more vigilant in the future.

The New York Times wrote about her a couple of days ago.

The person who innovated the “Kimura Lock” was not related to Hana Kimura, right?

It’s kind of weak that WWE does not mention her in their website. If it was Keiji Mutoh, and God-forbid that, they would, but what is the logic of not mentioning KImura? Even popular news sources mention her. Sad.

Unless it’s a legend, I don’t think WWE usually mentions it unless they have a connection with WWE. Did AEW, TNA, or ROH mention her?

Good point.

I’ll have to see.

I knew Shad Gaspard was mentioned in AEW’s Double or Nothing 2020.

AEW mentioned her passing.

To be honest, I wasn’t trying to make a point. I was just curious how it was handled across the industry.

Where? I searched for all the companies and couldn’t find anything from anyone other then ROH

On the PPV. They’ve mentioned it at least once with a photo and everything.

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Huh, you would think that they would have something on their website if they said it on the air. Not judging, just surprised.

I didnt even know AEW had a website, so I’m not shocked there was nothing there. No one probably goes there.

They took time out of their broadcast and Excalibur had a little speech about it.


Oh ok…and ya they do.

The New York Times posted another article about online bullying in Japan and Terrace House.