Hanan wins 2024 STARDOM Cinderella Tournament

Originally published at Hanan wins 2024 STARDOM Cinderella Tournament

Hanan overcame two different wrestlers on Wednesday to win the 10th-ever STARDOM Cinderella Tournament.

The 19-year-old talent defeated Ruaka and Ami Sohrei on the same night, wrapping up a tournament that kicked off earlier this month with 24 entrants. Sohrei, a fellow finalist AZM earlier in the night to make it into the finals.

After Sohrei kicked out of the Blockbuster Hold, Hanan connected with her signature bridging belly-to-back suplex to earn a pinfall against Sohrei and win the tournament, closing out a back-and-forth contest.

Congratulations to Hanan, winner of the 2024 Cinderella Tournament! 👗✨#STARDOM#羽南


— Andy (アンディ) (@WhirlingAndy) March 20, 2024

Hanan had to get through five opponents in total to win the tournament. She previously beat Starlight Kid, former tournament winner MIRAI, and HANAKO in recent weeks. 

Hanan, a former Future of STARDOM Champion, now has the first major tournament win in her career. She had competed in the Cinderella Tournament three times in the past, never making it as far as the semi-finals.

Hanan joins a prestigious list of Cinderella Tournament winners from the past. Previous tournament winners include Giulia, Toni Storm, and Mayu Iwatani.

After her victory, Hanan mentioned her intention to challenge for the Wonder Of Stardom Championship, which is currently held by Saori Anou.

Along with the finals of the 2024 Cinderella Tournament, a title fight headlined Wednesday’s show. In the main event, Maika overcame Utami Hayashishita to defend her World of STARDOM Championship.