HAPPY WRESTLEMAS! I Got a pair of WWE RAW 100 level tix for tonight in Chicago

Note this is not a contest by any means…

I am a spoiled brat who gets to see a LOT of WWE live in one of the best arenas for wrestling in the world, the Allstate Arena or more casually known by it’s former name Rosemont Horizon.

WWE is running RAW tonight on Christmas, yes it’s been a topic of discussion but I got tickets for section 103 and can not go due some holiday obligations out of the area. Just trying to make sure they don’t go to waste. I have offered to several wrestling buds who all have the same holiday issue or a travel conflict.

I would love to be able to get these tickets free of charge to a great faithful follower of wai and pollock in honor of the POST -law era beginning.

first come first served, it’s easier if you live in north side of chicago…
e-mail: kevkellam@gmail.com

I can’t make any promises, but lets see how this goes

in all sincerity, happy holidays, merry christmas!


What an awesome thing to do. Hope you find someone. Merry Christmas from London!

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Thank you Kevin. I will definitely enjoy this. My friend Nick are going to enjoy. Life long wrestling fan. Hope to see you in the future at wrestling shows around Chicagoland area


Happy to spread the wrestling Christmas cheer, keep us POSTed

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Great seats was able to see everything. Once again thank you. Like I said hope to see you at wrestling show around Chicago. I will buy you a drink or three. I will be at AAW in February also word is that Bulletclub show will be here in Chicago so definitely going to that.


Hope you had fun.

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This is so nice and pleasant to hear. The Allstate Arena or Horizon is a really special wrestling venue tied to so many great WWE matches and moments, and we are spoiled to have it in Chicago

I went to Smacdown and overall had a great time with standnout matches and yelling at children around me in an environment that encourages that sort of thing.

Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdMeYSygpjl/