Has the Concept of the Royal Rumble winner facing the champ at mania run its course?

I agree with the majority in this thread as I think the concept is awesome, probably the best in wrestling TBH. The issue is there are 2 PPV’s in between RR and WM.

IMO, they need to get rid of Fastlane and just have the Chamber. Have two Chamber matches, one women’s, one mens. Both of them should just be #1 contenders matches to choose the challenger for the other title. They do this, I think all the issues are gone.


The concept is fine. The execution leaves something to be desired. This is wrestling we want logical booking. Point A to Point B type stuff. But we get Point A to Point Hx23, divided by the quotient of buy rates and YouTube views, multiplied by catch phrases, averaged out over a 3 week period, with a balsamic reduction…


Yeah I meant more as applied by WWE there is no inherent issue with guy wins a thing and gets a future title shot.

The fact that there are 2 PPV’s in between the Rumble and Mania is a huge problem. I hate the placement of the Chamber too… would like it later in the year.

The easy route this year would have been Edge and Christian vs Roman and USO but for obvious reasons that didn’t happen.

Instead they decided to add Bryan in to the mix and now the Edge heel turn and really just over complicate things.


The Elimination Chamber as a yearly event, rather than a big time every once in a while main event gimmick match, is a big problem.

I’ve always said MITB should be used as a Rumble-like set-up for the Summer Slam main event. You could also swap that out for the Chamber at that time of year.

This whole discussion comes down to the fact that WWE (Vince), can’t help but overcomplicate the simplest story they should be able to make every year. The rumble as a set up for the main event for Mania is perfect. It’s the constant ADHD story telling in WWE that’s the problem, and can’t let them get from point A to point B, in the span of 60 days.


@kliq so anotherwords K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid)…always great when the obvious answer is the best answer and people have to complicate it.

I agree with you completely.


I actually think the elimination chamber is one of those gimmick matches that can work every year as opposed to say hell in a cell. You just need to do it the same as the rumble/MITB where it determines the contender not the champion. I mean imagine if they had a pseudo tournament (qualifying matches) to get into the chamber, build up those competitors as the top 6 contenders and then they have a chamber match to see who gets a title shot. Or imagine they kept seasonal W-L records and you put your top 6 in the chamber and then have competitors enter in order from worst to best record.

The chamber doesn’t make sense as an every year title match. It works great for a contenders match.

One thing most have mentioned is that having multiple PPVs between rumble and mania also hurts the stipulation. I was thinking when I wrote this post that it is kind of stupid that a guy wins the mania title shot and then some other guy gets potentially multiple title shots before the Rumble winner gets his shot. Yeah I know Mania is a big deal and all, but you know how else you get a title match at mania? Being champion. Like why wouldn’t you face the champion at the first opportunity, take the title and then go on to Mania as champion?


So I always chalked this up to Mania being the big pay-day and that is why you want to big money main event match…then they started giving the Rumble winner matches that weren’t in the main event and that torched the entire concept of it being special for me. Like yea, if I earn a title shot I want the match-up that suits me and the time that suits me. I don’t want to just wait around for a few months if I am riding the big Mo after the rumble. It lacks basic human behavioral logic. Especially in this day’n’age where everything moves fast

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Yup, if it guaranteed you the main event and having the title doesn’t (in theory there are 4 world championships now so they cannot all main event) and that is a bigger deal than just being champion, then it makes sense, but when all you get is a title shot at mania, and at this point not even a 1 on 1 title shot. The upside makes less and less sense. I mean they have screwed it up horribly at this point but in Kayfabe I want money in the bank more than the Rumble win it is 100% better.

Now if your Champion is Brock and he isn’t going to wrestle on lesser shows then getting that Mania match means something. If the world champ wasn’t defending on TV and every month then having to wait makes sense.

The other downside is either we know the champ isn’t losing on the build to Mania, or the build to Mania is very short because there is a new champion several weeks before Mania now going up against this challenger.

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