Have you lost interest in NXT without Jason & Braden doing WhtsNXT?

I’d say yes. They were my hypemen for NXT, because I really can’t watch everything. Don’t have the time. I am watching TakeOver though.

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It’s actually the reason NXT preshows are the only preshows I watch cause yeah, I don’t follow NXT too closely and they do a pretty good job of getting you back up to date.

No. NXT as a product stands out on it’s own so the absence of a podcast doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch it.

TBH, I was never really a big fan of WhtsNXT. I just don’t find the Jason/Bray duo as entertaining as most other fans.


Jason Agnew is like marmite you love him or you hate him. I love him and I miss him very very much from my podcast feed especially angry Agnew :rage:

I really like Jason Agnew, but never listened to whatsNXT because there’s only so many hours in a week for wrestling podcasts.

As mentioned above, NXT stands on its own. I don’t watch every episode, but I haven’t missed a Takeover because they’re guaranteed to be very good or excellent every time.

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Love Braden. Agnew was just a grumpy old man.

I loved NXT before I discovered Whats NXT so their disappearance has not affected my enjoyment of the Product.

I lost interest in NXT a long time ago but still watch it from time to time but I’d lost interest in listening to what’s NXT for over a year before they got cancelled. The thing is, I can’t stand listening to Braden anymore, he’s everything I hated about the current wrestling fan. I think that because that’s what he like in wrestling that that’s what everybody liked about wrestling and it was getting annoying. So unless Agnew was doing the podcast by himself or with somebody else, I wouldn’t listen to it anymore.

If they would bring the show back, I wouldn’t mind it if they do it without Braden.

To be honest I stopped listening to WhtNXT about a year ago. Probably because NXT is one of the few wrestling shows I actually watch so I don’t need a recap show for something that I have already watched or am going to watch.

TBH, I never lost interest in NXT. However, I do miss WhtNXT. The story of the show could’ve been a part of the TGIF lineup. “Two wrestling geeks live in a house. One is a grumpy old man. His roommate/ tenant is a ‘Millennial ’ who lives by his own rules. How will they co-exist?” With,…special guest star, Bartender Dave.


You’re right. Lol.

Doesn’t reduce my interest. Just isn’t as hot a product (NXT, that is) as it used to be IMO. maybe combo of writing, and maybe having to send talent up to main roster sooner, which i guess is the goal.

To weigh in, wasn’t crazy about Braden and Agnew’s interactions. Preferred when it was Bartender Dave in the mix with either of them.

BTD with Braden my favorite.
BTD with Agnew was pretty good.
Braden with Agnew, I started tuning out.

I want to do an NXT Podcast! i love NXT, it’d be a daunting task though (time consuming). I miss the dynamic between Jason and Braden but always preferred Bartender Dave to Agnew. I feel like sometimes Agnew, Dave, and Braden miss out on good commentary on overlooked details. I often have different commentary on the fashion,music,and pop culture tie ins. I also notice a huge difference in preference. Braden,Dave,and Agnew, even John and Wai seem to not like the supernatural or corny stuff I sometimes find awesome.

Braden is an alright dude.

It just seems like he would have stopped watching wrestling three years ago if it wasn’t for his former job.

I actually like to watch NXT weekly, and I used to make sure to watch it right away to be able to listen in to their recaps. I still watch, but I find myself falling a couple of weeks behind and then binging a couple episodes at a time in order to stay up to date.

I haven’t lost interest, but I have lost motivation to keep up to date because of WhtsNXT going away.

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Didn’t even listen to the podcast when it started.

Not in the least. I listened to whtsNXT to get differing opinions but unlike RAW and SmackDown, I actually watch NXT. I miss the podcast but mostly because I miss hearing Jason and Braden interact, I personally felt they were both a bit too negative on the product and I would often disagree with what they said about it.

I fell off for a while, but that takeover last weekend has pulled me back in.

Of course not. I watched NXT religiously before, and then after. It was just nice to hear someone’s thoughts on the show I just watched.

Though I enjoyed the podcast more when Bartender Dave was on it.

I haven’t lost interest in nxt. But would like to hear from those guys again. A great podcast that’s missing from my feed.


I love Braden and Jay, but I actually preferred when Dave was on. It’s still my favourite product next to NJPW even of it isn’t must see anymore, so it hasn’t ruined my enjoyment. I miss Jay’s stories about the dental hygienist and his acting gigs.