Have you lost interest in NXT without Jason & Braden doing WhtsNXT?

I would usually listen to What’s NXT first, then if they gave it a good review, I’d watch the show. So I’d definitely like for it to come back!

Yes, this! And bring back Bartender Dave.

Dave has his own podcast now, recapping the full week in wrestling, it’s called Call to Arms.

Also, for those missing out on a weekly NXT podcast fix at the moment, PWTorch has PWT Talks NXT on their feed. It only started recently and has a rotating panel of guys who have all been watching and covering the product since it’s inception. It’s very different to whtsNXT but I like it. Lots of stats, lots of listener e-mails answered, and they aren’t as negative as Agnew was - although I will admit, Agnew’s meltdown’s were often very funny and part of why I listened regularly.

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Yep, and I am a Call to Arms listener. I just enjoyed his NXT reviews on the LAW. “Helloooo… Hooray!”

I’ll have to check out the PWT Talks NXT pod… thanks for the heads up!

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Still watch every week. After a bit of a down period, it really feels NXT is back: incredible depth in the roster, amazing new recruits and the Almas v Gargano classic.

I would, of course, love a weekly review show though.

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Braden guesting on Call to Arms would be great.

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