Heath thinks a Nexus reunion could happen, feels it'd be an 'earthquake' in wrestling

Originally published at Heath thinks a Nexus reunion could happen, feels it'd be an 'earthquake' in wrestling

The idea of a Nexus reunion is something Heath thinks can come to fruition. 

As Heath was the focus of a Captain’s Corner virtual signing, he further reflected on The Nexus faction and their run in WWE. 

He went on to express his thought that a Nexus reunion could still happen and it’d make waves within the pro wrestling business. He brought up names of former Nexus members and what they’re doing present day. 

We have never had a second coming (of Nexus), ever. Think about that. You have (CM) Punk up there, you have Wade (Barrett) on commentary. Ryback is a little insane and doing his thing. You have D. Young that still looks like a stud. Me, I’m 250 now, I’m the dad bod but I’ll kick your ass if I need to. You got Michael Tarver that still looks like an evil, crazy son of a gun and David Otunga that still has a bodybuilder build that can damn do anything and then you have Justin Gabriel that is still out there high-flying, doing his 450 splash and kicking ass and looking good. Imagine if it would happen, and that wasn’t even a pitch (he laughed). I just pitched it baby. But being real, it could be — I feel like it could be an earthquake in wrestling again. But then again, who knows? That’s just me talking. Other people might be like, you delusional, old f*ck. There’s no way. But, I feel like it could happen.

Heath is now a free agent after wrapping up his run with IMPACT/TNA Wrestling. He previously stated that he’d be game for an appearance in the 2024 men’s Royal Rumble. 

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Someone might want to talk to him and let him know… No, it’s not exciting.

An earthquake??….more like a flutter of giggles :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

With Fred Ottman’s son getting involved with Nakamura and Cody last week, maybe we can have a Typhoon instead.


I agree with Heath, actually. It would be a total disaster.

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