Interesting direction, just can’t see fans booing him. But I suppose it will negate the face vs face dilemma.

I think it actually fits his personality pretty well. things like the cocky “COME ON” and the sleepy bit are kinda heelish. He can also show his more vicious side which may make his offense come off better and less silly. I’m thinking it’s worth a shot.

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He needs something. I like it.

I feel like his main roster run so far as felt like literally treading water so hey if it helps the guy out I’m for it, but I’ll be cautious at first.

It might work out great. But it smacks of another desperate booking decision, a la Sami Zayn.
“Oh shit, he’s not getting over as well as we hoped. Let’s turn him heel.”


I think Jesse is right. Its desperate cause they can’t book these guys properly. But I also feel that in spite of that, it could work. Nakamura does have some natural heelish tendencies you can play up. And if Brock is leaving I think you could move Heyman over to be his hype guy/mouthpiece.

He definitely needs a mouthpiece, but I could see it working. Quick, who’s the Japanese equivalent of Zelina Vega???

Taka Michinokou?


I’ll take Heel Nakamura over the guy who struggles with memorizing lines. I’m in.

I’m for it but his post match attack was brutal. Maybe too brutal. I’m sure AJ was on board but he was really laying in hard on AJ’s head. Made me uncomfortable.

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I can’t wait. Like Naito nakamura went to Mexico and re invented himself. His persons is very suited ti a cocktail heel. I can see aj Naka maim eventing backlash ahead of whatvet Vince books on top on raw

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Just don’t speak English again and go on crazy rants in Japanese. He’ll be a major heel soon.


I liked him as a heel in New Japan and if he can transfer that over to WWE he could start doing better.

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The only tangible stakes for Styles, beyond the title of course, was getting a “WRESTLEMANIA MOMENT” and the Nakamura turn gave him one for all the wrong reasons, so there’s stuff there they can sink their teeth into for the most part. My only immediate reservations is that the company is at a 80-20 loss for presenting non-American heels and not sullying them with some anti-American shtick and Nakamura’s gimmick is really above that.

That said, they also protected the Kinshasa as Nakamura never managed to get it in, so that’s on the table too for a return match

Nakamura was pretty much a heel during his mid to latter run in NJPW. He was the leader and one of the founders of CHAOS.

They have to change his theme song then. I don’t know how they get him over as a heel while still using that song

Before looking at heel or babyface, I’m looking at him delivering at least a 4 star match asap. He has been underwhelming so far in the ring.

Just asking, you mean on the main roster or including nxt as well?

No no main roster

He can stop dancing and vibrating on his way to the ring and just come out stoic. That song is actually very useful for a heel if the heel gives the crowd no reason to play along.