Heel vs Heel matches?

Coming off worlds collide with the Imperium vs UE - both being heels - I realized how rare it is to have a PPV heel vs heel match. We see lots of face vs heel or face vs face but I cant think of many heel vs heel matches (not including three ways with two heels and a face)

worlds collide
Summerslam 1992 - Martel vs Michaels
Owen vs Bulldog for European title
Bryant vs Lesnar at survivor series

Kobe is a babyface

Martel and Michaels is my favorite of all time. The concept that both men are so pretty that neither shall punch one or the other in the face is fucking pro wrestling at its finest.

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Rumours are that Kobe Bryant has died in a helicopter crash…

Well now he is full face,Jesus Christ just heard.

Just reading it,fucking hell I’m shocked.

I dont understand the relevance of this post? Was it just bad timing? Maybe delete it

Posted in about 2 hours before the news broke,wife says to me"who is Kobe Bryant" thought she had been reading this topic until she said he had died.
I went white in shock.

I was going to make the same joke when the post was created.

I feel so numb about making a joke at a typo then Kobe dying,

It is also very scary.