HELL IN A CELL: Mankind vs. The Undertaker – John & Wai Alternate Commentary (Patreon)

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Ahead of Mick Foley’s appearance at WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV, join John Pollock and Wai Ting as they rewatch Mankind & The Undertaker’s infamous Hell in a Cell match from King of the Ring 1998.

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@johnpollock @wai0937
This was a lot of fun. I like the concept a lot.

I have a follow up and question:
Nobody ever talks about what the plan was had the cage not broke on the second fall. How would the two have gotten off the cage? Has this been discussed anywhere, or your thoughts…

As for how Taker feels about having been part of this, it’s something I would love for him to discuss after his retirement.

This is one of the reasons I think a Taker DVD/interview would sell so well. That guy has shared so little about his time in wrestling and it would be fascinating to hear his views on his career.

I know that I’ve heard the question asked (it was either the Austin or JR podcast, maybe both), but never directly to a person who should definitely know the answer… which is probably just Foley, Taker, and a few backstage folks.

Bruce Prichard speaks about it on something to wrestle, king of the ring 1998 episode. From what I gather, the cage was supposed to break eventually but only after a few more bumps to weaken the panel and it would eventually give way but it would be lower and the give of the panel would have made the bump softer to take. The panel was never supposed to come loose the way it did.

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