Hell In A Cell match for Universal Title set for WWE SmackDown

Originally published at Hell In A Cell match for Universal Title set for WWE SmackDown

It was previously announced that Rey Mysterio would be taking on Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship inside Hell In A Cell at the Hell In Cell pay-per-view on June 20th. Following an exchange of words between the two on social media, Reigns and Mysterio’s Hell In A Cell match is now taking place on the 6/18 episode of SmackDown.

Mysterio tweeted that he wants Reigns on SmackDown instead of waiting for Sunday and Reigns agreed.

BREAKING: @reymysterio will now challenge @WWERomanReigns for the #UniversalTitle inside #HellInACell TOMORROW on #SmackDown! @HeymanHustle https://t.co/YQF30WNyxM

📺: 8/7c on @FOXTV pic.twitter.com/PszjFi0HoC

— WWE (@WWE) June 18, 2021

Sunday. Friday. Any day.
Makes no difference to me.

It'll be my pleasure to disgrace what's left of your family name tomorrow night inside Hell in a Cell!

My Special Counsel @HeymanHustle will handle the paperwork.

I’ll PERSONALLY handle the warfare! @WWE #Smackdown https://t.co/DSzd33gluA

— Roman Reigns (@WWERomanReigns) June 18, 2021

Mysterio challenged Reigns to a Hell In A Cell match after Reigns took out Dominik Mysterio several weeks ago. Reigns’ involvement with the Mysterios came about when Jimmy and Jey Uso were taking on Dominik and Rey for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

Also scheduled for tomorrow’s SmackDown is Kevin Owens teaming with Big E to take on Commander Azeez and Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews. Otis is going one-on-one with Angelo Dawkins along with Shinsuke Nakamura and King Corbin continuing their feud over Corbin’s crown.

I guess FOX asked for this. Great way to water down an already close to death match

Well there goes the only ppv match I cared about lol

I am 98.7% sure this will be a screwy finish or non-starter to build up the real HIAC match on Sunday. Something like, lock Rey in the cell and have the Usos destroy Dominic on the outside while Roman laughs in the back. Or maybe the old “I didn’t say WHICH Mysterio!” trick and we get Dominic vs Roman tonight and the real match with Rey on Sunday.

Regardless what happens, I predict we are in store for a very rough night for Dominic.

Being that the company seemingly wants to represent Reigns as the main eventer, perhaps they’re doing this because they’ve decided to go with McIntyre winning the belt on Sunday (or have some major spot planned) and feel like that needs to go last on a PPV (really all I can think of); thus, they’re getting more bang for their buck putting Reigns on TV, especially considering with fans coming back in the next month, this will be the most irrelevant PPV of the year.

As a fan, so long as we’re getting the match, I don’t really care what day it actually occurs…though it’ll be a hell of a lot easier not on Father’s Day, so…probably a plus.