HELP! Problem Downloading POST Wrestling Shows

So, I’ve had no issues up until yesterday. I tried downloading and I get a message saying “Unable to download podcast”. It is still happening today. I’m using an Ipod Touch and using the Podcast app. I’ve never had any issues before yesterday. Every other podcast I listen to, its working fine to download, even the POST Wrestling Cafe is fine. Its just the main feed that is doing this. I’ve rebooted my Ipod multiple times. I’ve tried unsubscribing and then subscribing again and nothing works.

I am still able to download, if I search POST Wrestling and do it from there, but its annoying to keep doing that and I shouldnt need to. Has anyone else had an issue like this and know what I can do to fix it?

disregard I didnt read all the way through before I responded.

Have you tried manually adding the RSS link?

@wai0937 Tried it and it still does the same thing

Try any other podcast apps?

I live in Korea and often I have slow downloads. But I chock that up to living on a different continent.

I use the “Feedly” app and it seems to work, from time to time I notice things were disappearing but I haven’t had a problem in the past few months.

I’m on an Iphone 4, and Apple just had an new update (that my phone and OPs Ipod are too outdated for), and I think that’s the cause of the problem with the podcasting app, as I’m having it too.

Anyone having problems downloading shows from the free feed on iTunes?