Help! Watching NXT in Canada?

How do you watch it since the switch to USA network? Any help?!?
I pay for cable, I pay for the WWE Network. Obviously we don’t get the USA network in Canada. The Sportsnet360 1 hour version on Friday is beyond frustrating to me. I pay so much for cable and WWE… there must be something I’m missing. I know it’s available on the network Thursday at 10pm if you log in to then log in with your cable provider. (Which is a joke in itself) But I have to watch it on a laptop or smartphone? How do you watch it on a damn television!?!? lol
I like to have watched both Dynamite and NXT before “Rewind a Dynamite” as sometimes both shows are addressed. Shouldn’t be that hard for a paying customer! How do you guys watch it!?
Thanks in advance!

Just google watch wrestling and there’s a few sites that stream it. That’s what I do for UFC shows or occasionally AEW. And I’m in the US with no cable. Also, could try a VPN

Thanks for the reply!
But isn’t it strange that I pay for it, yet it’s so difficult to watch it? I might as well cancel everything and just find it on the internet.

Only four years to go until that ten year deal with the Network in Canada is up… Maybe then, we can actually get the true OTT service.

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Personally, I always suggest to anybody to drop cable. I think it’s too spotty. Everything’s on some sort of service. Couldn’t speak to Canada specifically, but in theory, you should be able to access it simply - but cable is brutal that way.

Lot cheaper to just drop it, too


I get what you’re saying. Example those Android boxes or whatever. But if you want to support something and pay for it (I have no idea why I still do) There should be no hiccups on trying to find it, live, or replay, if you wanted, in perfect quality, etc.I have to wait for the following Thursday to get it on their Canadian TV channel. They just seem to make it so difficult. Driving the customers away. I can’t wrap my brain around it. Even if I log into the Network (and cable provider) on my iPhone app or laptop… I can’t cast it to my TV. Wtf
Sorry for the rant… been bothering forever. Maybe I should contact them.

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I totally agree with you. If you want something, pay for it and support it.

It baffles my mind however, that I’m pretty sure, Canada is the only place in the world where the Network is set up on the method that it is.


It’s a case of WWE blindly accepting money from Rogers without thinking about Canadian customers.


Yep,that is the right way to do it

Why not try to get the American WWE network ? That is what I have been using since the network first launched.

No clue how to do that. Is that with VPNs or whatever they are? I’m 40 lol not that computer savvy. I’m not even trying to get it for free or shady methods to get it. Like is everyone in Canada waiting or watching illegal?!? :exploding_head:

It’s one of the main reasons why I got rid of the Network a long time ago. NXT was the best thing on there and now they dont even give you that.

Canada got screwed big time with the Network. Just watch illegally if you care that much. They’ve given Canadians no other choice

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Yes I used a program to make it seem that I was in the U.S. I dont remember what program it was or how I did it exactly. It has been about 6 years. Right now I use the network on my pc that is connected to the tv screen. I only use that PC for gaming and streaming.