Help with watching habits


Just tried to watch the 1995 versions of Nitro and Raw and have found that, even with the short time in each week’s shows, it’s just becoming a chore. Even with the multiple Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero showdowns, and the occasional. Alex Wright and Dean Malenko matches, and yes I do dig Alex Wright sometimes, it’s getting very boring.

I have shows for all the history. How did I get them? I have my ways; don’t ask. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, how do you binge watch wrestling if it occurs to you?

I think wrestling is something that shouldn’t be binged, I’ve done it myself to catch up, and every time I do it comes to a point where I can’t help but not care and it just becomes a chore. WWE, NXT, AEW, WCW, it all becomes the same when you watch it like that. At least IMO.


Yeah, it does become bearable when watching the recent ones.

I guess I’ll just go back when I want to watch a match I’ve heard was good or have a purpose to learn about wrestling history.