Historic matches that would be better with modern match types

So this may sound confusing but basically it is a way to look at old WM matches that would change their match type if they occurred today. I will list a few examples to make it a bit more clear what I mean

  1. WM X - triple threat (Bret vs lex vs Yoko) - probably the poster child for this post - instead of the format they used it would have made way more sense as a triple threat

  2. WM4 - heavyweight title - Elimination Chamber - rather than having it as a 16 man tourney an elimination chamber with Hogan and Andre as the final two entrants would have made the most sense

  3. WM 7 - Hogan vs Sarge - Hell in a Cell - goes without saying that this was a blood fued and HIAC would have made most sense

  4. WM 8 - Savage vs Flair - 1st blood match - given how personal the feud had gotten I think a first blood stipulation would have been in order

  5. SS 1992- Bret vs Bulldog - a great match but I feel like a ladder match with these two for the title would have been even better

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Based on rumors and innuendo (shout out Conrad and Bruce), not sure you’d want Bulldog working a ladder match that night.

Also, how you not gonna call for a flag match between Hogan and Sarge?! :joy:

Hahaha. Yeah he was drunk or high. Or both

Flag match or first blood would work as well. I think HIAC actually fits better for summerslam

The match made in hell - Hogan/warrior vs Sarge/adnan/sheik. Probably better for HIAC