HOG Holy Grail Report: JONAH vs. Jeff Cobb, ACH replaces Will Ospreay

Originally published at HOG Holy Grail Report: JONAH vs. Jeff Cobb, ACH replaces Will Ospreay

HOG Holy Grail

May 27th, 2022

NYC Arena in Queens, NY

By: John Siino

JONAH and Jeff Cobb did meet and greets before the show started

ACH was announced at the start of the show as the replacement for Will Ospreay to fight Low Ki.

Before the match, Low Kid shed his “Hitman” style gear that he’s been wearing since 2013, to reveal his more traditional gear to a big reaction.

01: Low Ki def ACH by submission with a Dragon Sleeper at 15:16

Mantequilla came out and said he was supposed to challenge KC Navarro for the Six-Way Championship but Navarro decided to stay in Florida. He then says he was supposed to fight Nolo Kitano, but he got injured earlier today so he called out anyone to fight instead and out came Michael Fayne who cut a scathing promo on Mantequilla and the fans and challenged him to a 6 man match

02: Mantequilla, Encore & Joey Silver def. Michael Fayne, Brian Burgundy & Carlos Ramirez with Mantequilla pinning Fayne after a Code Red at 11:29

Fayne’s team couldn’t stay on the same page and bickered throughout. After the match, Ramirez and an unknown attacker from the crowd attacked Silver until he got saved by Evander James and Scarlett Meidan of HOGPD who arrested the mystery assailant.

Sumie Sakai came out to replace Janai Kai with no explanation given to the live crowd.

03: HOG Women’s Championship: Natalia Markova (c) is def. Sumie Sakai with a roll-up at 6:31, to retain

04: HOG Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) def. The Mane Event (Jay Lyon & Midas Black) by pinfall at 13:28, to retain.

Mark got the pin on Lyon after a Jay Driller from Jay and a Froggy Bow from Mark. The crowd was fully behind the Mane Event here, as they are homegrown talent. Mane Event is a super fun act, that I encourage everyone to check out if you haven’t already.

05: HOG Crown Jewel Championship: Charles Mason (c) (w/ Carlos Ramirez) def. Ken Broadway by pinfall at 18:39, to retain

After the referee got taken out, a second referee came in and did a fast count for Mason. It was revealed that the crooked ref was paid off but Ramirez choke slammed the referee after.

06: HOG World Heavyweight Championship Tournament First Round Match: JONAH def. Jeff Cobb by pinfall at 18:17, to advance, after hitting the top rope Tsunami splash.

After the match, they announced JONAH’s next opponent in the tournament will be Eddie Kingston. The event will be on June 25th but they said the venue is to be determined, and they aren’t sure if it’ll be here in Queens.