HonorClub - New ROH Streaming Service

Seems ROH’s new streaming service has gone live.

Looks like they have done away with some of the subscription levels and customers are left with three.

  1. Monthly - $9.99 USD
  2. Annually - $99.99 USD
  3. VIP - $119.99 USD

The difference between annual and VIP are that VIP are able to stream ROH PPV’s at no additional cost.

Monthly and Annually offer customers:

50% off all ROH PPV’s
15% off all ROH Pro Shop Purchases
Early access to ROH live event tickets
Special discounts and promotions

Is this a good deal? Having not watched much ROH I am wondering.

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Sounds exciting!

I’m currently at work, but I will definitely try this service out during the week. Would it still cost to watch a PPV on-demand once it’s ended?

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VIP for US$119.99 is basically the same cost as the WWE network, only difference is that it will be a once a year payment instead of 12 monthly payments at US$9.99.

Also ROH has one on the last great US video libraries outside of WWE.

For a VIP I don’t think so, but don’t quote me on that.

I hope they manage to upload it in a timely manner, as so far they only have 2011 and onwards.

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$120 (~€97,50) is quite a sum to give upfront for a year. I wouldn’t hesitate subscribing to it if they had a montly VIP offering instead.


Yer, that’s the only problem with the monthly US$9.99 option, you still have to pay extra to view PPV’s…but it’s something I think WWE should have tried from the start.

Is that the “HD Net” era, or before?

Maybe they will offer a more expensive package at $15-20/month to be able to watch the Raw/Smackdown episodes if they move away from NBC in 2019.

Okay, let me not derail the HonorClub discussion and turn it to a WWE Network discussion. I will definitely give the monthly package a sincere attempt, though.

The HDNet Era ended after Q1 2011

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Sorry I mean to say “after”, it’s way too late here, my bad.

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Was all set to buy a VIP membership until my browser pointed out that the site wasn’t being served through HTTPS. That’s…pretty inexcusable in this day and age.

For the non tech savey what’s that mean in simple terms?

Basically means that it lacks sufficient security for a site that needs your payment information. A website with HTTPS tends to keep your information safe from hackers and other treats, more so than sites without it.

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It is worth letting the ROH team know of your concern. I am sure they will do what they can to fix it. Also it is possible the site while not provided via a secure HTTPS link, the transaction itself is likely encrypted.

It is worth checking out to be certain.

Data passed along from client to server is encrypted using the https protocol, it’s clear text otherwise.


Sent them an e-mail; will report back if they reply.


does anyone have a subscription to this? does this include past PPV’s? or just the entire weekly tv library?

I just subscribed and don’t see an option for the old PPV’s. I haven’t browsed too much but obviously it has the TV library but also has numerous non PPV shows like Survival of the Fittest.

Why won’t Sinclair pay to keep final countdown and cult of personality. No need for garbage in house music to dub over it.

The service is very lackluster and disappointing so far. The lack of classic content and still having to pay for PPVs (unless you drop $120) are mind boggling.

You know why WWE Network is still the bench mark? They launched with most, if not every, WWF/WWE/ECW/WCW PPVs all ready on the service. It set the standard. Slowly adding all the TV and old archive footage is what they roll out to keep it updated.

What if ROH followed the same formula? Every event/PPV up until the present day is on the service. They upload the recent events with a two week delay. They slowly start rolling all the HDnet and other archive television episodes, and the shoot interviews and compilations. Maybe you strike a deal with other indies to use their footage too. Score some of those ECWA Super 8 tournaments, get the first Wrestling Road Diaries up there.

It just baffles me how they thought people would rush to this. No classic content, you still have to buy PPV’s unless you fork out for the year long $120 membership (which detracts from the whole ‘cancel any time!’ feature, quite essential to most VOD services) and PPV’s aren’t even uploaded until a year later. Awful, awful stuff.

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As a business, why would they? They gain absolutely nothing from it and have to pay to keep it. Nobody is subscribing to this service to hear those songs.

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