HonorClub - ROH Streaming Service


This is outstanding news. It makes me think that the wrestling business wants all my money. But that couldn’t be it.

Their library is arguably the most valuable non-WWE archive to audiences outside of Japan. I’d like to know how much they’re holding back from VOD as currently, their Ringside members section is a smaller selection and doesn’t include the Joe-Danielson-Punk years: http://rohwrestling.com/vod/011616-winter-warriors-tour-collinsville-il

UPDATE: Ian Riccaboni says on Reddit…

It will be more expansive than what is currently available. While I wouldn’t guarantee everything (there’s always one thing that doesn’t quite make it!), I know efforts have been rolling for a while to digitize our library in anticipation of this.

Still, I think for the value of the streamed house shows and PPVs (at VIP), it’s a very attractive package that I think is long overdue for ROH when so many other indies have already established themselves in the streaming service market.

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Hearing of a ROH streaming service is awesome. Kinda going off topic, but I’d also recommend Highspots Network for every Indy wrestling fan. The library is super extensive. It has PWG, Progress, Bar Wrestling, and the old Kevin Steen shows; just to name a few.

It sounds very interesting to say the least. Obviously their archive has tons of value, I’m especially interested in the Joe, Punk, Danielson and McGuinness years, so since it’s still a bit unclear how much is on there, I’d wait a bit.

Both prices are fair, especially the second one where you get every PPV for free, but ROH still has an option with their standard package for people who are mainly interested in the archive or want to pick and choose when it comes to PPVs. So everyone is happy.

With all the content around, it’s hard to commit to a model where you have to pay an annual fee (at least for the premium package).

I humbly apologize, but i’m a little confused.What’s the reason that the Punk, Joe, and Danielson years would be in question? I mean if we’re trying to protect the WWE’s interest, then 2% of the library would be allowed to be shown.

The back catalog would have to be IMMENSE for me to subscribe to the service. I’m not a huge fan of current ROH but I would love to re-live the ‘glory days’ and check some hyped matches that I may have missed from 2011 onwards.

Another sizable factor would be the length of time it takes to upload new PPVs to the on-demand section.

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Man, I straight-up assumed it was streaming live, similar to the Network.

I assume it is live, but for subscribers of the standard package it’s relevant when the PPVs are up, and also for the ones who don’t watch PPVs live.

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The prices seem fair but I think they should really consider offering a 15 a month plan that includes PPV. Otherwise I just can’t bring myself to do it. Not that its a poor value, but 120 is alot to pay up front. And thats the reason why NJPWorld is such a killer value. You get EVERYTHING for 10 bucks.

If there is a video library I’d happily go back and watch it would be ROH. They were responsible for me falling in love with the indies as the Wrestling Channel would show some of their shows and it saved more love of wrestling as likely would have fell out of it by just watching WWE. But back to the library, ROH are amazing at protecting their history and saving some matches as truly important.

I’d pay just to watch that Punk-Danielson era again.

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Prior to the HD Net show, there was a ton of commercial music over those shows, which would have to be addressed.


Well, the thing is, ROH doesn’t have monthly PPVs, so by doing that they want to avoid the problem WWE has with people only signing up for the big shows (like I do, because Fastlane & Co. are trash). If NJPWs minor shows like New Beginning were less noteworthy, I could see myself cancelling and resubbing, but since it’s not the case, I stay on board.

But I agree that it’s very tough to commit to such an unproven subscription service. I only do it with the WON/F4W and NHL.TV since they are a proven commodity. They should offer a free month (without PPVs), so people can check it out. Haven’t heard anything of it and it’s not necessarily a given.

Yeah, that’s a key point right there; it needs a free trial of sorts. I haven’t subbed to a single service without getting a feel for the quality and reliability first.

I believe PROGRESS doesn’t do a free trial, but since it’s only a couple of bucks, it’s not a big deal. But for $120 it definitely needs a trial period.

Nah, PROGRESS have a couple of shows to try for free, including the first Unboxing show. That’s all you need; watch a couple of free shows, see if the streaming quality is reliable, see if the interface is easy to use and navigate etc.

Can’t Sinclair just cover the music costs and leave them in? it’s almost like their will never be a streaming service of any kind that keeps the music intact. Could Bellator could keep their music intact if they launch their own service since Viacom owns them?