Hopefully not too sad a question for POST Wrestling

Hello Everyone,

No matter how many times I`ve tried to write this topic it comes off sounding like I am looking for a date but here it goes.

I am in my 30`s I live in Ontario Canada - the GTHA (Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area) to be exact and have been a long time wrestling fan. I took a long break from wrestling after cutting the cord about 7-10 years ago but I’ve kept up on story lines here and there. I was mostly a WWE & WCW fan.

Lucha Underground is now on Netflix here in Canada and it got me excited about Pro Wrestling again. Thanks to great communities such as POST Wrestling and various YouTube channels I have rekindled my love with Wrestling namely NJPW and am back watching WWE again. I`ve even started going to WWE live shows and some independent shows like Alpha-1 Wrestling in Hamilton and it is a blast.

No one in my current circle of friends likes Wrestling, they are into sports, and video games but talking about Wrestling has their heads dropping like a documentary on fish sticks.

I am wondering how does one make friends in this space in 2018? Not simply digital friends but people to share the love and to perhaps see shows with, gatherings to watch PPV’s (if that even happens anymore) etc.

When I was younger I used to love getting together with friends to watch a WWE PPV, or even just sit down play some amazing WWE Wrestlemania 2000 and talk wrestling. I am not talking about when I was a teen either, this was like 5 years ago. Sadly I’ve fallen out of touch with these friends completely.

Kinda sad right? It’s cool, I have very little shame so I figured why not reach out and see what comes back. I am not a social media guy, no facebook or twitter for me. So I figured here is the best place to start.



My suggestion would be to go to any live pro wrestling event in your area you can. You’ll likely have to go alone at first, but it isn’t awkward as you’d think. At these shows you can always try striking up a conversation with some like minded fans. Flea markets and conventions are another spot where you might find some wrestling fans. You can also try to check out if there are any pro wrestling fan groups in your area on the site Meetup. Good luck!

Smash wrestling out of Toronto is a fantastic promotion and like the second poster said - a great way to meet like minded wrestling fans.

Absolutely what the other two posters said. Go to live shows, mingle and have fun (but don’t be creepy and intrusive).

What everybody else is saying. Go to a Smash, Alpha-1, Destiny, or any one of the many shows in your region.

I always tell people who say they want to come to a show of mine, but doesn’t have anybody to go with - that the entire crowd is a bunch of friends you hadn’t met yet.

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If tickets are still available come out to ROH/NJPW in May. Always a good time and it’s full of hardcore fans having a good time.


A lot of us will be at the ROH show in May. The beer line is ridiculous. A great place to make conversation.


What show are you talking about? If it is the show in Toronto, I found out about it late like last week and it seems to be sold out, broke my heart not to get the opportunity to see it.

Thanks - I have been to Alpha-1 shows, great promotion! I’ve made small talk with a few people. I think I am rusty at getting to the point where I can be like “Hey, we should hang out sometime” or getting past that awkward stage, haven’t made a friend not introduced to me through a mutual friend in more than a decade. I’m an older guy not really interested in Facebook or anything.

I am also heading out to St.Catherines in about a week to see NXT Live as well. Really excited for that.

Getting over the hump to make a friend who is into wrestling I’ve found to be difficult, not simply an acquaintance. Someone as into it as I am, now that I am a big boy now I can take trips to see live PPV’s or bigger shows.

Rather than walking in there alone and having people think “Well, that guy surely collects hair, and maybe has people chained up in his basement”

Hey, if you wanted a date you just had to say :wink:

My side piece would need to love wrestling, otherwise I am not too picky.

But I am a bit of a prude so I wouldn’t put out…gotta earn that.

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I do kinda miss when the shows were on PPV. There were a couple of bars around my area that would show them and I got to know several other regulars that got together to watch them every month. There used to even be a live online radio show broadcast from the bars where they would preview the card and talk to the fans that were there.

Now I just watch it on my couch with my own beer (which admittedly is a lot cheaper).

It is tough, I remember a few bars as well that used to do bigger PPV events you had to pay a cover but it was still worth it.

I’ve got leather recliners and a 55" 4K TV and a pizza place literally steps from my door so I am in a prime position for a great PPV party. Maybe one day…

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Bars are a good shout if possible. I went with a few mates for the rumble and ended up talking to quite a lot of people. Drank too much though and would have no idea who they are now.

I came across a website while researching bars to watch wwe. Meetup.com I believe it was called, just search through, might be something there. I take no responsibility if it’s a sex thing however.

Haha, my girlfriend actually told me about that site too. I found two in the Toronto area that were for wrestling, one was a somewhat active place that met at some stoner bar in Toronto but seemed to be a bit too political for my liking (political wrestling fans - who knew?) and the other seemed DOA with the last event show from 2014.

Not sure I agree with this; If that’s what you want then go for it, but I see no need why something so small (in the grand scheme if things) should be that big of a deal breaker. Me and my partner share very little in common, and we’ve been together for 7 years!

It was a joke man. I am very happy with the girl I’ve got at home and like you I’ve been with her for 7 years.


Jokes often come across blurry on forums. Apologies! As you were.

I’ll add Chikara to the list. Never been to a show in person, but you can feel the sense of community from their videos.

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I live in the Dallas, Texas area and have somewhat of the same problem. The two problems I have are distance to a show and the wife doesn’t care to go. There is a show less then an hour drive next weekend and I had mentioned wanting to go and she told me if I wanted to go by my self I could. It is Dallas championship Wrestling in Grapevine for anyone that might care.