Hopes For WrestleMania?

What do you want to see happen at WrestleMania?

My choices:

Buddy Murphy v. Mustafa Ali (Cruiserweight)
Sasha & Bayley v. Duke & Shafir (Women’s Tag)
D. Bryan v. Samoa Joe v. Andrade v. Mysterio v. AJ Styles (WWE)
Charlotte v. Shayna Baesler (SD Women’s)
Brock Lesnar v. Seth Rollins (Universal)
Ronda Rousey v. Becky Lynch (Raw Women’s)

Cruiserweight division needs something and at the moment Mustafa Ali is more over than any other possible challenger. What will he be doing otherwise? The fatal 5 way for the WWE title is just a match that I think will be great. The Horsewomen v. Horsewomen concept going into WrestleMania I think could be big but instead of having a 4 v. 4, we have it separated. With Sasha, Becky & Bayley all recently flashing the 4 and with Rousey reportedly leaving WWE soon, maybe it’s not so unlikely…

Id love to see rey vs bryan for the wwe title. I think it’s fresh and rey is not in the chamber.

I would love this feud.

The title off Brock. Nuff said


Really interesting and i like the inovation of your card. But i don’t see a lot of it happening

Buddy murphy v. Mustafa ali: i don’t see that happening mostly because it would give the impression that the mustafa ali call up was a failure.

I would put buddy murphy in a multi man match with lio rush, akira tozawa and cedric alexander and have ali involve in the ladder match for the us title.

Sasha and bayley vs duke & shafir: don’t see this happening for 2 reason, first duke & shafir aren’t ready for a high profile match like this one and secondly, i don’t see them calling up more wrestlers before mania. I feel the tag title won’t be defended at mania and sasha and bayley will be put in the battle royal

D.bryan vs joe vs andrade vs mysterio vs aj styles.: personally, i would rather bryan defend in a one on one match against any of thoses guys then have them in a multi man match. What i would love is rey vs bryan for the wwe title, joe in a multi man match for the us title and aj styles vs andrate.

Charlotte v. Baesler: like the women’s tag title match, i don’t see them calling up anybody else before mania. For this one, i would rather see a mania rematch between charlotte and asuka and have asuka go over charlotte.

Lesnar vs rollins: love this match, i would have it be the main event of mania and have rollins go over, then have reigns do a surprise apparence to embrace rollins and finish on a emotional note.

Rousey vs lynch: i really love this match and really hope it stays that way.

My wish would be that it only lasts four hours.


There’s regular fantasy booking and then there’s this… keep dreaming!

(but wouldn’t it be nice…)