House of Glory – Beware The Fury: New Champion Crowned

Originally published at House of Glory – Beware The Fury: New Champion Crowned

House of Glory – Beware The Fury

May 19th, 2023
NYC Arena – Queens, NY

01: Nolo Kitano (w/ The Anunnakis) vs. Jodi Aura

Aura is the reigning Legacy Pro Wrestling iOD Champion and Kitano asked why he was even here and gave Aura a chance to leave the ring, which he didn’t. As the referee was distracted by The Anunnakis on the outside, Kitano sprayed mist in Aura’s face followed by a roll-up for the pin at 10:01

We see a video of Officer Joey Silver shedding his police gimmick and going back to his ‘Sweet Cheeks’ persona.

02: ‘Detective’ Evander James vs. Blackmon (w/ Michael Fain & Kiki Von Gogh)

Blackmon’s first match back since 2021, and he had dropped the Smoothe from his name. James pretended to get attacked by a chair from Fain and Von Gogh which got them ejected from ringside. Blackmon came back with a hard lariat for the pin and the win at 7:07

03: Cash Flow Inc. (Ken Broadway & Encore) vs. The Brick City Boyz (Julio Cruz & Victor Chase)

‘Cash Flow’ Ken Broadway came out and said he has a new hairstyle and it’s a new show but he wasn’t promoted for tonight’s show. So he made a few phone calls and introduced the newest member of Cash Flow Inc, the returning Encore. Encore said it was his first time on the mic but they are looking to get tag team gold and Broadway sent a message with all the tag teams in the back. This prompted the Brick City Boyz to come out for a match. Encore got the pin on Chase after hitting a Rock Bottom for the pin at 6:14

04: HOG Crown Jewel Championship: Charles Mason (c) vs. Jake Something

We see a video before the match of Carlos Ramirez following Charles Mason on the subway train after Mason turned on him at the last show, but Mason was able to outsmart him and take him out, dragging his body away. Good, competitive match that had the crowd really into it. Something’s mouth got busted at some point. Crazy apron spot from Something to Mason, this is when they really picked up as Mason’s heel tactics would get massive heat. Something had the match won, but the referee was taken out. Mason used his title belt on Something to get the pin and retain at 18:46. Something got a big chant after the match. 

05: HOG Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match

Mighty Mante is defending his title here as Alec Price is the first entrant in this Gauntlet Match. Mante caught Price off the top rope into a choke slam for the pin at 5:08. Raheem Royal came out next but Mante pinned him at 7:56 after a Code Red. Ichiban came out as the third entrant but Mante pinned him at 11:31 after reversing into a hurricanrana. Ben Ruten was number four. Mante hit a stunner to pin him at 14:33, but Ruten kept attacking him after. Nolo Kitano came out to pick up the scraps, hitting his finisher and eliminating Mante quickly at 14:49. Joey Silver came out as the surprise last entrant and quickly rolled up Kitano at 14:55 to become the NEW HOG Cruiserweight Champion.

06: HOG Women’s Championship: The Ultra Violette (c) vs. Miyu Yamashita

Miyu had the match won multiple times, but The Bookers kept interfering, with BXK distracting the referee as Amazing Red attacked Miyu. Miyu took both of them out, but eventually, BXL hit Miyu with a devastating chair shot to the head as Violette covered her to retain at 10:46

07: The Mane Event (Jay Lyon & Midas Black) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)

Another hot match with this Queens crowd being into both these teams. Fantastic back and forth until Mane Event hit their double team facebuster on Chris Sabin to get the win at 18:05

08: HOG Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu (c) vs. Matt Cardona (w/ Steph De Lander)

Cardona got the crowd against him as he said New York sucks and that’s why he moved to Orlando. Cardona kept trying to leave the match and De Lander interfered every chance she had. The referee got taken out as De Lander tried to hit Fatu with the belt, but it hit Cardona instead.  Fatu took out De Lander, but Cardona took advantage and hit the Radio Silence off the ropes to get the pin and become NEW HOG Heavyweight Champion at 15:45