House of Glory - Final Hour: Jacob Fatu retains title, Matt Cardona issues challenge

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House of Glory – Final Hour

April 14th, 2023

NYC Arena – Queens, NY

01: HOG Cruiserweight Championship: Mighty Mante (c) vs. Ichiban

Mante gets on the mic at the start and says Ichiban already beat him like 5 times, so he wants to challenge him to a fitness contest, so they have an impromptu push-up competition. Ichiban was about to win that, but Mante just tried to pin him before he could.  Mante got the pin after hitting a Code Red at 12:14, to retain. 

02: Nolo Kitano & The Anunnakis vs. Project Mayhem (Smiley, Osito & Elijah Eden)

As Smiley was going for the pin, Nolo threatened to use his sword on Osito. This distraction allowed one of the Anunnakis to attack Eden with a weapon. Through all this, Nolo hit his finisher on Smiley for the pin at 10:20.

03: B3CCA vs. Kiki Van Gogh (w/ Smoothe Blackmon & Michael Fain)

This was my first time seeing Kiki in action, and she definitely stood out and had the crowd behind her. Kiki got the win after hitting a superplex followed by a top rope leg drop for the pin at 9:21. 

HOG Women’s Champion Ultra Violette came out after and said she booked this match (since she’s part of The Bookers now) and talked trash about Kiki saying ‘people like her’ could never get her title. BXL & Amazing Red came out for their match as The Bookers & The Black Hand had a face-off.

04: HOG Tag Team Championship: The Bookers (BXL & The Amazing Red) (c) (w/ Ultra Violette) vs. The Jabronis

This was an open challenge, as BXL said they are facing the biggest tag team in the world, bigger than the Young Bucks & The Usos, as he brought in a joke tag team called The Jabronis, which was supposed to be over the top goofy and inexperienced, with one having a mask and glasses on, and couldn’t see once he took them off. Despite this, they took it to The Bookers at the start, unless the Bookers took over and got extremely brutal with the Jabronis eventually putting them out of their misery with a dropkick/suplex combo as BXL got the pin with his foot on a Jabroni chest at 5:34, to retain. 

Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz of The Rascalz came out after and told The Bookers if they want some real competition they can defend their titles against them right then. BXL asked the crowd if they wanted to see that, then said “fuck you and The Rascalz” and left. The Mane Event came out instead and said they wanted their rematch with The Bookers, as Midas Black asked Red “What would Matt Travis think of you now” as the Bookers left. Instead, The Mane Event proposed a match against The Rascalz, who accepted.

05: The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) vs. The Mane Event (Jay Lyon & Midas Black)

At one point, Wentz did a spot from Ready 2 Rumble and quoted Jimmy King as Trey said he needs to stop slapping his thigh during super kicks as he just got a new thigh tattoo. Midas Black got the pin on Trey after they hit a double-team face buster at 14:35.

The Bookers came out after and said if Mane Event wants a title shot they have to beat The Motor City Machine Guns on the May 19th HOG show. 

06: HOG Crown Jewel Championship: Charles Mason (c) vs. Lio Rush

Jason Solomon comes out before the match and sends Carlos Ramirez to the back and says he’s banned from ringside and takes a seat ringside to make sure no shenanigans happen. Mason is 364 days as champion with this defense. Ramirez still came out at the end and tried to interfere even tho Mason told him not to. During this distraction, Mason was able to reverse a choke from Lio into a jumping Tombstone for the pin at 17:25, to retain.

After the match, Solomon tried to strip Mason of the title, but Mason said Ramirez didn’t interfere and he didn’t need him. Mason proceeded to low-blow Ramirez and choke him out using a plastic bag ending their alliance. Mason held the title up and said he was the Crown Jewel Champion all by his damn self. 

07: Street Fight: Ken Broadway: Evander James vs. Ken Broadway

They started brawling outside of the ring before the match could start using chairs and ladders for a couple of minutes before the match could eventually start. The finish came with Broadway hitting a top rope driver followed by a PK for the pin at 6:40.

08: HOG Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu (c) vs. Willie Mack

Two big guys that can move like cruiserweights tore this crowd up tonight. This match got pretty wild as they took it into the crowd at one point. Fatu went for his own variation of the People’s Elbow by doing a springboard moonsault. They had a back-and-forth at the end until Fatu hooked on a crucifix pin for the win at 20:20, to retain in a fantastic main event. 

They got on the mic after and appreciated an East Coast crowd embracing wrestlers from the West Coast, and proposed running this match back.

A video from Matt Cardona popped up on the screen as he challenged Jacob Fatu for the HOG Heavyweight Title on May 19th.