House of Glory - Revelations: Low Ki vs. KENTA, The Mane Event win titles from The Briscoes

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House of Glory “Revelations”

December 17th, 2022

La Boom – Queens, NY

Commentary: JD From NY, Jason Solomon & Dr. Hilary P. Wisdom

01: HOG Cruiserweight Championship: Mighty Mantequilla (c) def. Nolo Kitano by pinfall at 9:15 to retain.

The newly turned heel Kitano tried to use his sword throughout the match, but the finish came when Mante reversed into a hurricanrana pin for the win. Kitano and his masked ninjas attacked Mante after the match.

02:  Carlos Ramirez def. Manders by pinfall at 6:39 after hitting a powerbomb and a pump handle into a pile driver for the pin.

Ramirez attacked Manders during his entrance and they fought on the outside for a bit before the match officially started.

03: HOG Women’s Championship:  Ultra Violette (c) def. Masha Slamovich by pinfall at 13:44, to retain

This match was very good and hard-hitting and had the crowd fully behind them. Masha had Violette on her shoulders at the end but she reversed it into a roll-up for the win.

04: HOG Crown Jewel Championship: Charles Mason (c)  def. Lince Dorado by submission at 14:43, to retain

The whole match, Mason went for Dorado’s mask and when he finally took it off, Dorado continued to wrestle and hit moves while covering his face. Pretty wild. The staple of La Boom shows is using the decorations hanging, and this was no different as there was a chandelier spot. The ending came with Mason hooking on a choke hold with Dorado tapping out. 

2022 had to end with a chandelier spot in wrestling followed by a ‘chandelier’ chant of course #HOGRevelations

— John Siino (@CnoEvil) December 18, 2022

05: HOG Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu (c) def. Nick Aldis by pinfall at 11:53 to retain, after hitting a second rope moonsault. 

Aldis got on the mic before the match and said this was a match with someone he’s always wanted to fight before talking trash about it having to be in Queens and talked down to the fans. 

06: Suicidal Six-Way Scramble Match: Nolo Kitano def. Michael Fain, Ben Ruten, Santa Claus (Joey Silver), Ninja #1 & Ninja #2 by pinfall at 9:00, to become #1 Contender to the Cruiserweight Championship

Joey Silver came out to Jingle Bells in the full Santa getup that got a good reaction from the many kids that were here. A wrestler in a construction worker gimmick was coming out , but got taken out by Kitano and his ninjas as they entered this match.  Kitano sprayed blue mist in “Santa’s” face then pinned Fain for the win. After the match, an unidentified man and woman came out to recruit Fain and held up their fists together.

07: KENTA vs. Low Ki ended in a no-contest at 23:24

This is only their second singles encounter and exactly 17 years to the day from their first match at ROH Final Battle. This match was really great until Low Ki went to the top rope and got stopped by the HOG PD, as Evander James put handcuffs on Low Ki. As Low Ki went after him, the referee rang for the bell as the fans were not too happy with that finish. Chants of “fuck the police”, “bullshit” and “restart the match”. Low Ki and KENTA had words after that seemed to set up a third match as the crowd chanted “one more time”.

08: HOG Tag Team Championship 2 out of 3 Falls Match: The Mane Event (Jay Lyon & Midas Black) def. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) (c) by pinfall at 17:55 to become the NEW HOG Tag Team Champions

Mane Event got the first pin rather quickly (1:23) as the Briscoes threw it and wanted to move on to the No DQ portions (second and third fall stipulations): Right away they started using chairs and took it into the crowd and up the stage. Briscoes got the second fall at 7:36 after hitting a Froggy Bow on top of a stack of chairs. Amazing Red came out during the end to stop Jay Briscoe from using a chain, as he walked right into the Grand Finale for the third and final pin as The Mane Event got a great celebration being HOG homegrown talent. Brian XL came out after to present them with newly designed titles, but ended up hitting them in the back with a chair. Amazing Red seemed surprised but joined in on the attack as well. Brian got on the mic and said they’ve been bringing in talent here and putting over new talent but in 2023 they will destroy it as he and Red walk out with the new titles.

Their next show will be Friday, February 3rd, 2023. Location TBD. 

But wait, there’s more ! Amazing Red and Brian XL turn on Mane Event and said in 2023 they will destroy them #HOGRevelations

— John Siino (@CnoEvil) December 18, 2022