House of Glory - The Darkest Hour Results: Mike Santana wins HOG Championship

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House of Glory – The Darkest Hour

December 1, 2023

01: HOG Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender Six-Way Scramble: Jodi Aura vs. Raheem Royal vs. Jay Armani vs. Joey Silver vs. Blackmon vs. Gringo Loco

Good reaction for Gringo Loco, who is making his HOG debut tonight. And for those who didn’t know him, his crazy dives definitely will make them remember, but Royal hung in there with him. Armani had a wild draping neckbreaker/dropkick combo. Dr. Hilary P. Wisdom & Idris Jackson ran in during this match and brawled with Aura to the back. Gringo got the pin on Royal after hitting a sit-out driver, for the win at 13:29

02: HOG Cruiserweight Championship: Nolo Kitano (c) (w/ The Anunnakis) vs. Kevin Blackwood

Blackwood controlled the start of the match hitting a flurry of German Suplexes that got the crowd behind him. Blackwood followed with a deadly top rope stomp to Kitano draped on the ropes. The ending saw the usual Anunnakis, sword, and mist shenanigans followed by Nolo hitting the 8 Trigram Rotation for the pin at 12:05, to retain the title. 

03: Encore vs. Ken Broadway

Former friends, now bitter rivals. Encore attacked Broadway before the march started they brawled outside for a bit before the bell rang. The crowd was behind Encore as he was mounting a comeback. Crazy sequence here from Encore with a poison rana, Death Valley driver & top rope stomp for a two-count. As the referee was distracted with taking a chair away from Broadway, a masked man ran out and reversed the roll up on Encore, for Broadway to get the pin at 14:16. Broadway and the masked man kept attacking Encore after, to reveal it was J Boujii under the mask.

04: HOG Women’s Championship: The Ultra Violette (c) vs. Kamar Kouture

It was supposed to be Kiki Van Gogh facing Violette, but she didn’t show up so Violette had the referee count her out. Kamar came out instead to have a rematch from their June show. The referee got taken out as Kamar had the match won. Diamond Virago came out dressed as a referee but stopped short of making the three, flipping off Kamar. Violette hit a cutter on Kamar, and Diamond got the referee awake to make the count at 9:39, as Violette retains. 

05: HOG Crown Jewel Championship: Charles Mason (c) vs. Carlos Ramirez

Mason attacked Ramirez with his title belt before the match began to get the upper hand. It was a slow-moving start but it picked up once Ramirez missed a top rope elbow and Mason followed by grabbing Ramirez off the top rope for a powerbomb. The entire crowd gasped when Ramirez suplexed Mason from the apron to the outside resulting in a double count out at 12:40. Jason Solomon came out and restarted the match in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. 

06: HOG Crown Jewel Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: Charles Mason (c) vs. Carlos Ramirez

Mason stopped Ramirez with a flying chair to his face at the start then began to attack him with it. Ramirez got busted up as a result as Mason started choking him out with a steel chain. Ramirez turned the chain on him and they started taking turns choking each other out with it. They eventually went into the crowd and brawled up into the Meet & Greet area where they used a ladder to get to the top of the area where Mason tossed off Ramirez, then followed with a dive onto him. They brought out thumbtacks as Ramirez choke-slammed Mason onto them. Ramirez reversed Mason’s bag and put on a BIGGER plastic bag (with tacks inside) on top of Mason, followed by his sit-out bomb for the pin and win at 20:46, to a huge pop and become NEW HOG Crown Jewel Champion. 

— intermission — (much needed after that bloody affair)

Josh Alexander Comes To House Of Glory

They announced Josh Alexander will make his HOG debut at their next show, Brace For Impact on January 6th. 

07: ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey vs. Swerve Strickland (w/ Prince Nana)

Great reaction for Swerve & Nana, as Swerve made his first appearance back in HOG since 2018. Nana got involved at one point and tripped up Bailey. The crowd got behind both these men in what was treated as an AEW vs. TNA dream match-up. Fantastic match as only expected, with Swerve hitting the JML Driver to get the pin at 18:31. I really hope HOG or Premier can upload this match on YouTube to give people a taste of what they can expect at one of these shows.

08: HOG Tag Team Championship: The Mane Event (Jay Lyon & Midas Black) (c) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson)

The crowd stayed amped up for this match, as the crowd stayed respectful towards GYV despite the hometown Mane Event being the clear favorites. GYV took out Midas, as Lyon riled up against both opponents until eventually rolling up Gibson at 15:01, to retain the titles in a fun tag affair. GYV showed disrespect to the champs on their way out.

Mane Event says since Josh Alexander is coming at the next show, they want to have an ‘impact’ as well and challenge ABC’s Chris Bey & Ace Austin for their next show on January 6.

09: HOG Heavyweight Championship No Holds Barred Match: Matt Cardona (c) vs. Mike Santana

Matt Cardona gets on the mic and asks what time is it (it was 11:36 pm) and says if this match goes past midnight he wants two paydays. Cardona says he’s so confident tonight that he makes this a No Holds Barred match. Santana had a big entrance, being rapped out to a big Puerto Rican presence. Cardona gets on the mic and says Puerto Rico sucks. A wooden board got brought into the ring, which Santana went crashing through in the corner. The referee got taken out with a belt shot, Santana then had the long visual pin. Another referee came out, but Cardona took him out too. At this point, the crowd was starting to get a little tired and restless. Cardona pulled out a bag of action figures, revealed to be broken Santana figures. Pretty funny. Santana ended up hitting a powerbomb as a third referee came out to make the count at 16:48, as Mike Santana became the NEW HOG Heavyweight Champion. Santana gets on the mic and says this is for everyone who was behind him and says he’s been through hell for this and now he’s the “King of New York”