How are you watching AEW Full Gear?

In the era of the WWE Network and NJPW world I’m curious about AEW forcing people to drop 50 bucks on a 2 match show. Is the medium dead or still alive for wrestling?

So how are you watching Full Gear?

  • Watching on PPV/FITE solo
  • Watching on PPV/FITE with group
  • Using streams or IPTV/KODI
  • Watching at a bar
  • Catching a replay for free online
  • Not watching

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I will not be ordering it. I already have plans Saturday night. If this was Sunday night then maybe…although $50 is still a lot. It really puts into perspective what an incredible deal the WWE Network is.

I also know that AEW will be posting highlights to their twitter and youtube during and after the show so I will be able to find anything that is supposedly really worth watching. This is also how I watch Raw and Smackdown now so social media replacing traditional views is a problem for WWE too.


Me too. I’ll try to catch a replay of the main event online if I can. I am also going out that night but even if I wasn’t I can’t justify paying 50 bucks for one match I care about anymore

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I’m working on Saturday night, unfortunately.

Not watching.
I am going to read the Post review!

Honestly, watch for you Wrestling.

In the arena tomorrow.


Having one of my buddies come over and we’re gonna order it on ppv

In vaughan? I’m in Vaughan too but out tomorrow night

Yes In Vaughan, yonge and 407

Family commitment on Saturday night so I won’t be able to watch. I’ll try to roam social media once I get back home.

Waitin’ till it’s “online”.

I want to watch it but I promised my son he could watch KSI v Logan Paul. I’m hoping he changes his mind though when he realises it’s a 4am fight in the UK

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I won’t be watching live and will catch results/Youtube highlights the next morning. I have kind of been on information and wrestling overload the last year with all of the content that is available. The only shows I try to watch in their entirety now as they happen are Summerslam, Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania.

I’ll be watching. Never mind how.

Just watched the absolutely fantastic Countdown episode - and immediately ordered the PPV on Fite right after.

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So…you’ll find a stream.

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Watching by myself and ordering on Fite. Card looks great and I’m happy to support the entertainment.

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Might change my mind and watch it myself in the nude on PPV in my room under the staircase

As long as you got chips