How are you watching NJPW: Royal Quest?

I understand trying to sell a hot ticket as a bonafide PPV but as a NJPW World subscriber, I’m just going to wait it out and wait till they post the VOD.

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Here what gets me about this whole thing:
AEW is running All Out that night on PPV
NXT UK is going to be on the WWE Network.

So what’s New Japan do? Makes their show a PPV on the night of maybe the 4th most anticipated wrestling show of the year and at a time when the WWE is running directly against them.

This is a huge gaffe


I don’t think many people are going to be interested in watching what amounts to a glorified house show in the UK. At least not live. I’ll be there in person though, so what do I know?

I keep hearing people say glorified house show. Meanwhile this card is the 3rd best they have put together after WK13 and Dominion.

It’s better than any US show they’ve done, maybe the Garden show was more anticipated but this doesn’t have the ROH bullshit

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The G1 card in Dallas is a lot stronger looking than Royal Quest, by a long shot. It also had the added benefit of being live on NJworld, so this show being added to the service later on pretty much guarantees it’s house show feel. Okada and Suzuki’s last singles match being a chore to sit through doesn’t help matters either.

I hope I’m wrong though.

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Depending on how important this is fot NJPW & NJPW World it could take 1-week like NJPW Southern Showdown Melbourne or it could take 8-weeks like NJPW Southern Showdown Sydney.

G1 lineups are unique.

And Okada v Suzuki in the rain was epic. Not sure which encounter you reference.


It looks like quite the card (also has Sabre vs. Tanahashi, and Ishii vs. KENTA), so it being a tape delay on New Japan World is disappointing to me.

Last one I saw was from the 2018 G1 and it dragged.

Live in the building

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That random NJPW Southern Showdown drop was weirdly timed. They must have decided to hold off on it for the two week gap they have between big shows.

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