How are you watching Wrestlemanja tomorrow?

  • Attending live
  • Watching at Bar/Cineplex
  • Watching with a group live
  • Watching at home live
  • Watching on tape delay (no fastforward)
  • Watching on tape delay (fastforward boring parts)

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Due to work, the length of the show, and timezone differences, odds are I’ll watch after it’s finished.

Starting at home watching live but almost definitely going to bed at some point and finishing tomorrow morning before work with the help of the fast forward button.

yeah i have a birthday party so will come home and catch up but likely finish up in the morning if it goes past midnight

With how long this show is going and even the New Japan show ending at 1155 last night I plan on taking a midday nap at 3 and watching at home

In the UK and working the next day so will be watching the next day and avoiding all social media until then,

My sister is coming round to watch from 6pm.

Generally we watch all the WWE PPVs in full with no fast forward. However with the Royal Rumble when we started the show and saw a time of almost 5 hours watching it in full becomes a chore.

If I load up Wrestlemania tomorrow and see a time limit of over five and half hours (which I think it almost certainly will) we will definitely be fast forwarding any gimmick segments (i.e anything with Elias, Alexa Bliss or the patented ‘legends segment’ where a bunch of 1980s and 1990s talents come and say their catchphrase and then Ron Simmons says ‘Damn’).

I woke up at 3:15 am to was watch the show at 5 am at a bar. Took the day off work for this.

Should have had an option for not watching, but listening to Post review.

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