How did you originally find John and Wai?

I’m curious how you guys found John and Wai, the first time.

For me it was the night after “the Pipebomb” promo. I had actually been out of watching WWE for years, and watched that episode of Raw kind of by accident. I saw the CM Punk promo, and it kind of “brought me back” into the world of WWE, but I wanted to see if anybody else thought that the promo was as big of a deal as I did, so I looked for Raw feedback, and stumbled upon their Raw review show, and I have been a loyal listener every since.

What’s funny is that there are many times where I am not interested in WWE at all, and it is John/Wai/Jason/Lovranski that kept me into the product.


Honestly I think I found them around late 2013, right after there was a Raw event in toronto that I went to, found them the next day and have been hooked since

I found R-A-W thanks to their January 4th 2010 show (I think that was the Finger Poke Of Doom review) that followed on right after the LAW’s podcast and have listened every week since then. John and Wai are probably one the sole reasons I listen to podcasts today.

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Found The Law randomly years ago at like 4 am or something. I think it was Dan doing a macho man impression followed by a rant about the jabroni of the week and I was hooked ever since. The Law was basically introduction into being that sort of a wrestling fan, didn’t even know about the Wrestling Observer, or that there were people out there who had the same kind of conversations that me and my friends at the time did.

From there for years it just spiraled into following virtually every project they were involved in. Found one of the reviews on the website, loved their take on things totally cynical but still Canadian, have enjoyed ever since.

Honestly have no idea how i found them,stumbled across them 4 years ago and never regretted it since.Great to have them back.

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I have had a very similar experience. Actually it was the Pipe Bomb episode that caused me to search for a review group as I had just started getting into podcasts. How funny!

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I remember searching for wrestlemania content after the Seth Rollins cash in. Listened to a few wrestling podcasts at the time but the John and wai stuff is by far the best in my opinion. None of my friends are wrestling fans so my best outlet for wrestling discussion.

Chuffed to be able to support this from day one.

Happy Christmas.

I honestly can’t remember how I stumbled on to John and Wai. I do remember laughing @johnpollock puns and just followed ever since.

Glad to see the new venture.

From YouTube, I think it was TV TRAX. First listened to a segment from the LAW Sunday show, I searched for the full thing on iTunes and the rest is history.

Around 2010 is when I started listening to podcasts and I searched out wrestling podcasts. My go to was Aftermath with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas. Think I found out about The LAW through them which worked out nicely when they went buh-bye.

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Saw a post on the F4W Board about the old Review a Wai, probably about 4/5 years ago now.

I found John and Wai searching youtube for recap videos on Raw/Smackdown. I have been watching/listening for about a year or so now.

MLW introduced me to John and the Law then eventually to review a wai

It’s really cool hearing how people found The LAW and John/Wai. I mentioned earlier that I discovered them around the Punk Pipe Bomb storyline, and what’s crazy is I think I actually listened to an Aftermath show first just like Robert who was on the Xmas podcast did. Glad to be part of this community.

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I want to say it was because of Colt Cabana. The popularity of his podcast lead me to searching out other wrestling podcast and that’s how I found the LAW Network (FU TNA) and John and Wai.

Geez… It was when they were originally doing the R-A-W after The LAW Podcasts when that used to happen. I stumbled upon the LAW as the first podcast I ever listened to and then they came on and I’ve been hooked since then.

I found them through MLW. I never cared much for Court but loved the guy he did the show with and then one day I listened all the way to the plugs and the rest is history.

It was the night after Bully Ray joined Aces and Eights and I listened to the LAW on Monday morning. As I did more research, I found John and Wai. From there, a world of reviews was uncovered and i haven’t looked back since. Thanks for a great 6 yeas boys. Cheers to being back.

I found john and wai in late 2010 when first searching pro wrestling podcasts on itunes and found the LAW. Since then ive been hooked

Funny enough I also started with the Aftermath podcasts.

I was a huge wrestling fan in junior high and through most of high school (up until around 2002/2003). I had a group of friends that pretty much watched everything. When I went to college I pretty much gave it up and randomly decided to tune in to Raw 1000. Having no friends in my life who watched any more, I turned to podcasts.

Tried out a number of them, but John and Wai were most relatable and fun to listen to. We are very close in age so it’s like talking wrestling with your friends.

Ironically I now have a new group of friends who get together for a number of pay per views (or specials, or whatever they are now calling them) each year.

The bond is strong through. I honestly felt really depressed when I read the news about the LAW on Twitter. I knew that day that if John and Wai would continue in another form that I’d be willing to pay for it. And here I am.