How long does John Cena stick around for....

With the loss of Cody and Roman taking less dates, when does John Cena come back?

  • By Summerslam
  • Surprise MITB Entrant
  • By next KSA show
  • By the UK show
  • He doesn’t in 2023

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Also drop ideas for other returning Stars that can help boost star power heading into what was supposed to be a huge summer and offset the loss of Cody/Roman on the live circuit

EDIT: NEW POLL BELOW unless you tell me this is known too :sweat_smile:

Isnt he coming back on Raw at the end of the month?

Really?! Hadn’t heard that. If that was promoted or reported pls link and I should delete this poll :joy:

Or more appropriately

Wait really?! I had no fckn idea. HAHAHA. Okay, this was a bad use of polling.

NEW POLL, Recast your votes, how long does John Cena come back?

  • Til Summerslam
  • Til MITB
  • Til next KSA show
  • Til UK show
  • One and Done

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I voted until SummerSlam. But I don’t think that means he will be on Raw or Smackdown week-to-week through August. It just means he makes one or two appearances that WWE hypes up and milks for all its worth to set up a SummerSlam match.

And then he’s off WWE again until March 2023.

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I agree @RedRaider07