How long have you been a fan of wrestling for?

I have only started being a fan recently!


Since about WM3

I’ve stopped for a few years, here and there, but WM3, Superstars of wrestling, SNME, Rock n’ wrestling… those were important parts of my childhood

Fan since the mid 90’s when cable TV first started being made available in reginal Australia, but took a break from about 2002-2011.

The build to Mania 5.

Since the summer of 1995. My Mom bought me a VHS tape of Royal Rumble 1993, and the Rumble match hooked me as a fan. I started following the current product around this same time and one of the first angles I remember watching was Barry Horowitz upsetting Skip.

Some time in the late 70’s. My dad introduced me to Saturday night Wrestling from 10-11:30. I have been a fan ever since. There have been stretches during that time that I did not watch but I was still a fan during those times.

30 years. Started as a casual fan at age 4, but became a hardcore when I discovered Superstars at age 7

I stared watching WWF in summer 1998.

Started watching when Smackdown was at an all-tine creative peak in 2003. You got Lesnar, Angle, Benoit, etc. Great talent.

I dont remember a time, that wrestling wasnt in my life. So, 1986.

Started just before mania 4. The thing i remember was that my dad was watching the french version of WWE superstars with Edouard carpentier doing color commentary and that exact episode, you had Hulk hogan doing a interview and i got hook on the product ever since so much so that when i was a kid, i would watch WWE superstars 4 time during the days. We had the french version at 10 am after the cartoon, then you had the english version at noon on CTV montreal, then the american version on NBC and another canadian broadcast on CTV ottawa at 2 pm. I didn’t mind that it was the same matches on every broadcast, i just wanted to watch WWF wrestling at the time.

When I was about 8 years old my friend had a bunch of wrestling action figures, and he basically always wanted to play General Manager with them lol. He convinced me to watch a PPV with him, which was the 2006 instalment of Vengeance.

Since 97/98 when I’d have to flip the channel before my parents caught me watching - they weren’t fans of me watching it. First big program I remember was Highway to Hell - Austin vs Taker at Summerslam in MSG 1998

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Around the time of WrestleMania 4. I was a huge Savage fan, and loved when he won the title. Then really got into it when the Mega Powers exploded.

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Wrestling has always been part of my life in some way or fashion. From my mom being approached by Barry Windham at a Tampa laundromat who told her I was a cute baby, to bitching about WWE main roster booking on Wreddit today. When I was 5 my mom and I moved to Georgia, and I can remember watching Dusty Rhodes battle the Four Horsemen with my stepdad. I was in high school when the Monday night wars and Attitude Era was going on, and with the exception of a short time period in the early 2000’s when I didn’t have cable, I’ve watched at least one hour of pro wrestling every week of my life (and even then, I would still watch old wrestling tapes on my TV with built in VCR). So, long story short, about 40 years.