How long until we get a ProWrestlingTees store up ?

I need me a shirt to show people I’m a postmark asap.


Oh yes indeed. Add it to the list of things to do!

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The have the logo for their first design. Not sure if they can carry over any of the previous designs.

The new logo is awesome, so there’s a lot to play with. Also the cafe theme. Bring it on! (I would if I had any design skill at all)

I’d wear a “I’m a POSTmark” t-shirt… if only to confuse people. :laughing:

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I can help design some shirts if John and Wai need anyone to do some design work

This is a must do, Schiavone said he sold like 200 T-Shirts on Black Friday from his podcast. I’d get down on some PW merch asap

Need t-shirts. This. Must. Happen.

I’m all for shirts, I hope John and Wai take a look at the What A Maneuver guys. They have the best shirt quality out of all the other shirt sites, always been happy with them.

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What are some ideas you guys would like to see?

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A Tommy Wiseau inspired shirt with the phrase, “Oh hi post marks” would be ace!


I’m a minimalist when it comes to t-shirt designs. I would love just the POSTWrestling “P” with the 3 stripes on a shirt the same tone of blue as the logo, I’m not a designer but I think that would look pretty cool. I do like the idea of a “POSTmarks” shirt as well with the logo coming off the P.

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I did not hit her!!! Oh hai, Post Mark!

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8 bit graphic looking shirts are always cool, or little bodies with big heads on them like 80’s style Michael Jordan shirts

You have to do a shirt of you guys as the Bludgeon Brothers in the launch tease videos, that was awesome.

I would like to purchase a Mount Rushmore t-shirt with John wai Jason and mouth on it that would be great

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Legally they may struggle with this but would love a t-shirt of Luger, Vince and Shamrock fighting over a Scott Putski award!

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Would totally buy post shirts Maybe have a design contest for ideas.

Can it have a tiny Bray-D hanging off of Jason’s nose?