How much wrestling do you watch a week? (Poll)

I’ve literally given up on Raw and Smackdown now and just listen to John and Wai. I would love to watch NXT but I’m not paying for the network currently.
So all I watch now is AEW

Its a tricky question. I watch Raw, SD, NXT, Dynamite, Dark & Impact which makes it 12(I answered 7-10 because I forgot about Impact & Dark)

However, the only show I dont fast forward is Dynamite. I fast forward through 85% of the wrestling on the other shows and only watch the angles/promos.

I guess I should have specified that I meant real time watching wrestling. So if you spent 6 hours fast forwarding through 12 hours of shows you watched wrestling for 6 hours that week.

Yeah I only watch Dynamite, MLW and NWA without fast forwarding.

Everything else (RAW, NXT, SD, Impact) is on FF.

These days I desire to watch only AEW and NXT, dvr’d and skipping the adverts if possible.

But I also follow the NJPW big shows, and try to watch every G1 show. Watching the G1 shows alone over 4 weeks adds so many hours to my watching annually that averaged over 52 weeks those hours bumps me over the 4 hour per week average (over a year).

Just AEW, thats it

4 hours here give or take

2 hours - AEW Dynamite
1 hour - AEW Dark
1 hour - NWA Powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I recently had to cancel NJPW World, having some financial woes and that needed to go. I enjoy the product for the most part but it isn’t episodic in the same way promotions in the west operate.

Cancelled WWE Network after NXT went to USA. It was the last straw for me. The PPV quality was way down, I don’t really watch the legacy content especially if I’ve seen it before and Raw and SD were on 5 week delays. No value there for me anymore and I just stopped seeing value in spending 7 hours a week to keep up with WWE TV.

I’d rather spend a few hours during my rather long commute to the office listening to the rewind-a-raw , rewind-a-smackdown and upNXT! to find out if any match is worth me seeking out to watch but for the most part only NXT has been able to bring me back on occasion.

These are some interesting results but I guess shouldn’t be surprising since we know from the thread What's your age again? that the age of most of the forum is in their 30’s.

I feel like younger audience would watch more. When I was a teenager obsessed with wrestling during the attitude era I watched almost everything. Raw, Smackdown, Heat, Nitro, local indies on TV (although even I knew Thunder was a waste of time). Plus a couple of hours playing wrestling video games every week.

Right now I only watch either NXT or Dynamite. I rarely have time to watch both. And then I catch up with highlights on YouTube of the shows I missed. So around 2 1/2 - 3 hours a week.

Tbf with njpw world you can kind of cancel it for a fair while and just jump back in and catch the stuff you missed. It’s not like it’s a weekly show as you say. I’ll probably resubscribe before wk and go on a bit of a njpw recap for a week or so.

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I watch NWA, MLW, and dip in and out of AAA each week.

That is definitely true, as a father of 2 toddlers I just don’t have a ton of time to watch Wrestling. I usually have it on in the background while doing other things.

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I watch AEW (2 hours)
I watch usually an hour of Raw on average - often fast forwarding
I binge NXT before Takeovers tho my viewing habits fiends that has changed now with it being live. I’d say I catch 45min-1 hour in total
SD if I’m home for a portion (call it an hour)
And depending on the time of year, New Japan can be a few hours a week during G1 and BOSJ

I guess I’m right around 7ish on average tho mostly all of it with the exception of AEW is passive watching meaning I’m at the gym or doing work

I watch AEW live each week and catch up with everything else in bites and pieces depending on what I hear from POST/UpNXTshows and WOL. Since I have a remote role - Podcasts have overtaken most time I’ve previously devoted to watching wrestling in the past.

For PPV weeks - I will watch AEW live and NJPW next day - if the card seems good will catch the WWE shows otherwise I’ll listen to the POST show, WOL review and The Lapsed Fan cover on their Patreon. I’ll watch some Indy promotions as well PWG, GCW, when they have events.

Now if we are counting podcast hours? Easily 10+ hrs a day mixed between wrestling, NHL and the occasional political podcast.

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I did an estimate in my head for this week alone and it’s frightening.

My official answer is ‘more than 10 hours’.



Thank u for your service. I’d be dead in a month.

I’m in Australia and we really only get Raw and Smackdown.

I can watch Raw in about 40 minutes and Smackdown in about 20. Half the shows are lengthy commercial breaks (and we are watching this as being LIVE!); a good number of junk women talking up junk matches; matches with “Superstars” smashing some little guy who looks like he came out of the audience, and boring promos about NXT etc.

After all that, there’s not much left to watch is there?

Depending on the week, anywhere from “less than an hour” to “more than 10 hours”.

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The only shows I watch weekly without fail are NXT and AEW Dynamite. NWA most weeks, MLW sporadically, AEW Dark rarely. If NJPW and Stardom had an easily accessible weekly show (not counting AXS), I would probably watch those as well.

And we could not be more thankful for this - do you find the content to be a healthier mix of what you enjoy compared to a few years ago?

Now that we have 60+ votes it’s interesting to see people’s viewing habits and that 32% of the responses watch 2 hours or less a week.

No wonder the opinions of online commentators like Metzler, Cornette, Alvarez and others are echoed and discussed so much on here. A lot of people aren’t watching the wrestling shows themselves to form their own opinion.

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