How To Stay Spoiler Free On Twitter

John Pollock is 100% dead on the money with live tweeting results. He shouldn’t have to cater his opinions to any specific time zone.

As someone who lives in the UK, I have to watch the majority of wrestling events after they have taken place. Usually, I’ll be watching it 17 or so hours after the event has finished. Sometimes more, depending on what I have going on and how long it takes the event to get uploaded. Yet, 99.99% of the time, I remain spoiler free.

Oh, I also work in social media. 8 hours of my day is spent on various social media sites and on Tweetdeck, which is a tool that lets you stream dozens of columns of Twitter accounts, hashtags, search terms and other custom lists. So yeah, even my job SHOULD be racked in spoilers but yet I manage to avoid them. It’s really simple and will only take 15 minutes to set up.

  • Firstly, if you can, JUST DON’T GO ON TWITTER. Avoid all social media for that matter. Block notifications from Twitter, Facebook, the WWE Network, anything that may alert you with a push containing a spoiler. This is the easiest way. If you NEED or MUST use social media, read on ahead;

  • Mute any accounts which may talk about the event. I don’t do this because I just won’t use my personal Twitter account whilst remaining spoiler free (because I’m smart, lads) but if you need to access your timeline for any reason, make sure you mute any wrestling related accounts before hand.

  • Use the ‘muted words’ feature. This is what I use at work to avoid spoilers. An often over-looked area of Twitter, this will be essential if you insist on browsing your timeline. Because although you’ve muted accounts, it won’t stop RT’s or Likes from pouring into your feed. So, head to the settings page and spend ten minutes muting the words which you would generally associate with the event you’re trying to avoid. You’ll be at amazed at what you’ll come up with in ten minutes. For example, trying to avoid Wrestle Kingdom? Mute NJPW, New Japan, Wrestle Kingdom, WK12, Naito, Omega, Okada, Jericho, Wrestling, MOTYC, 5 stars, five stars etc etc etc.

  • DON’T USE SOCIAL MEDIA. For the love of God, I cannot stress enough how easy that first option is.

These tips also work for movies, TV shows, sports, literally everything.

So there, you’re set. It’s easy to remain spoiler free for anything and thus you can’t complain about it anymore. Ever. And if something does fall through the cracks and you get something that spoils then YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ON SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Have a great day and enjoy Wrestle Kingdom!

EDIT: Made an edit to change “your” to “you’re”. Spelling & grammar is nine tenths of the law.


Will the official POST account be posting spoilers? Cause yeah, I’ll have to mute it for 24 hours.

I’d say they would, as they’re a new, growing wrestling Twitter account who would want to interact with other fans watching the show.

If it’s a live event. …too bad, world doesn’t stop for you…pretty presumptuous to expect that.

I expect all wrestling accounts will be tweeting about it and I have no problem with that.

It was real quiet at work a few months back, so I ran a few TD searches looking for specific examples of people complaining about live spoilers…awful.

It’s depressing how many people think the world actually revolves around them.

I’ve not seen the new Star Wars movie yet, but I’m fine as I have a bunch of associated words muted. It’s so simple to avoid.

I suck and I’m addicted to social media, but I usually go through my follow list and unfollow every single wrestling related profile. It’s worked out ok, but one way or another I always end up spoling something for myself.

Like Omega/Okada 3, I thought the show was over so I hopped onto NJPWWorld™ to see if I could watch a bit of the match before work, but I didn’t know I clicked on a live feed and I saw Kenny walking away with the Bucks raising his hand in victory.

Felt like a real idiot there

John and Wai completely spoiled the start time for the event. I didnt want to know the start time for the event, i wanted to tune in at a random time and watch, but now I cant because they spoiled the start time. Not cool man.


Like Jack Bauer, just go dark, its not that hard. When I first moved to Cambodia, I had to adjust to watching Monday Morning PPV’s, Sunday Morning HNIC, Tuesday Morning RAW, it was tricky because I wanted to have same feeling that everyone else has watching a live event. But in time, Going Dark was easy as you can always control what your device does. End of the day, it will only show you what you want it to. Just control yourself and your feeds till you can live it yourself. Pretty easy IMO.


In this day of age it’s near impossible to not be hit by spoilers but the best way is to just avoid social media. I stopped caring about spoilers ages ago, it doesn’t change my enjoyment of wrestling.

Thank you for this. I personally love spoilers.

At least you said “I spoiled it for myself” and not “I got spoiled by some dick that posted online after/during the event”, you understand that it was your choice to go online and you run the risk of seeing something you don’t want to see.

With movies and Netflix shows it’s different but with live events like wrestling if someone’s gonna get pissy about getting spoiled then that person has to take responsibility for their own actions and realise that them going online, especially on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram, is possibly gonna through up some stuff they don’t wanna see.

I try to stay dark but I’m a tad Tumblr obsessed and will often open that up without even thinking about it. That’s usually how I get spoiled if I’m gonna get spoiled.

Don’t read any tweets that might spoil the show for you.

lol not this guy.

I’m so glad someone pointed out the UK difference on ppv. As a UK guy myself I find it quite funny how many posts (not here but elsewhere) complaining about staying up late. My dudes, this is EVERY month for us! For a change it nice to have had some sleep before a ppv

I’m from the UK too, and I delete the twitter app altogether when I’m watching a PPV the next day, it’s too habitual to click on, but if it’s not there, it’s not an option. Easier than muting/unmuting a load of accounts and easy enough to re-install once I’ve watched.

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Another one from the UK here. I generally try to stay up and watch live (only having 2-3 hours is criminally underrated) but as everyone says if I can’t then it’s pretty easy to self police and stay spoiler free. Also was nice this morning to watch a big wrestling show live and not have to rush off to bed straight after. I went off to walk the dog, play with my kids and now I’m in work. Top notch productive day


Unless I am watching a live event I do not go on Twitter while one I’m interested in is on. It’s that simple.

As another UK fan it’s become the norm to avoid all forms of social media each week every week Tuesday and Wednesday and Monday’s when there is a PPV! Just a way of life and after a while it just becomes normal to avoid twitter every week.

Although I did set up the Post Wrestling podcast on auto download and the title of Rewind a Raw podcast did spoil it for me :frowning: May have to change it from auto download.

How To Stay Spoiler Free On Twitter:

Don’t go on Twitter is the safest option and works 100% of the time.