How Would You Book Bret Hart's First Defection to the NWO?

When Bret Hart first turned heel and joined the NWO, was the original plan to have him to slowly ‘steal’ influence away from Hogan and then kick him out?

If that is so, what made WCW turn back from that plan? I mean, Bret Hart’s defection to the NWO was an easy choice, but if I was to book it, having Bret usurp power from Hogan would be the way to go.

I know, I know, the politics backstage are crazy, but that idea would have breathed new life into that storyline for at least two more years, not to mention Hogan’s and Nash’s relevance in the business. I believe this is what the Bullet Club have done to all leaders, which is why they are still staying afloat.

If not, then I still wouldn’t take credit for thinking about the idea just now; someone, or everyone, for that matter, would have had that idea with them. However, it does prove that I have at least traces of a brain to pass Basic Stable Booking 101 and that the WCW crack-job booking team are, well, full of crack.

How would you book it?

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When did he join? My memory is fuzzy, but I feel like this angle was ended early due to the concussion given to Hart from Goldberg. Also, I think when this was happening Hogan was involved in a lawsuit with WCW over the Russo thing, right? I honestly can’t remember.

The fact that WCW never did a Hogan vs Hart match to headline a major PPV is criminal.

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Did Bret actually ever officially turn heel and join the nWo? I remember him being a shadowy ally but he never really joined till the horrible nWo 2000.

I would have booked Sting to squash Hogan at Starrcade 97 and then have Hall, Nash and Syxx destroy him the next night on Nitro. Hogan disappears as a result for at least six months.

Bret would then become one of WCWs top baby faces. He never should have been in the nWo.

Brets entire WCW run was a waste. But I blame both Bret himself and Bischoff - there was no plan and he seemed unmotivated

That’s the NWO run I was talking about (the horrible NWO 2000) as I think it was Hart, Jarrett, and the Harris Bros?

Agreed with the booking you laid out, that god awful booking at Starrcade '97 is a perfect example of how horrible WCW was. Sting could have become a mega star had he squashed Hogan.

Bret was a member, but, in 1998, he didn’t wear the colours, unless if you count Hogan’s t-shirt.

He hanged around the group and was talking for them. As well, he acted like a heel, he did Hogan’s bidding and wrestled people who were not the NWO, like Benoit, Booker T, and Sting. This lasted until the time around DDP beat him for the US TItle in World War 3 1998. He then took time off. To me, that is his first time in the NWO.

Like I said, the decision to make him join was an easy decision to make, but of course, too many people have already joined.

theBenjamin: Syxx was out of action by that time, FYI.

This is starting to ring a bell. I watched WCW off and on back then, very hard to keep track of everything that happened in that company.

I enjoyed Bret Hart as a lone wolf in WCW. Maybe I should write this in the “An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn’t share” thread.

I have went back and watched all the Nitros from the beginning until where I am now in 98.

I used to watch Nitro as a kid / teen but alot of the Bret Hart stuff I did not remember when I watched it back. That is how unmemorable it was. I can remember basically everything else that happened at that time.

He did have some good moments. Mostly promos like the one with Ric Flair. Where Flair says what is that saying about yestetday, today, tomorrow. Plus the classic El Dandy promo. That is the moment I remembered the most from watching it originally.

I wouldn’t have had him join the NWO. He should’ve been one of the guys fighting against them.



Coming off the Montreal Screwjob he was the biggest baby face in wrestling. He should have come to WCW, gotten an offer from Hogan and turn it down saying he came to WCW to escape the bullshit politics. Hart vs Hogan should have headlined Starcade 1997 with Hart winning the championship.

I don’t know about that. They were building up Sting vs Hogan for a year, I don’t think it would have been a good move to just scrap a year long build and hot shot Hogan vs Hart. That should have been saved for later.

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It wasn’t a year, it was more than that.

You see, the Crow gimmick started in 1996 almost, when Sting just says “fuck it, I’m going to lurk in the shadows,” and then starts it. At that time, Bret was still in the WWF hot on the heels of his feud with Steve Austin. This was before the WWF called Bret Hart and told him they were going to cut him loose.

Making Sting vs. Hogan in Starrcade 1997 made perfect sense.

Then the kick out Hogan idea that I presented would fit a glove. And then Hogan can go back to being a face, and finally a retirement so he can still make money and get out of the way of young talent on their way up.

Oh, I am so smart! :slight_smile: