Hulk Hogan will appear on Raw to remember Gene Okerlund

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The WWE has announced that Hulk Hogan will be appearing on Raw this Monday from Orlando to share his memories of the late “Mean” Gene Okerlund.

This will be Hogan’s first appearance since Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, which was not promoted in advance or referenced on television afterward. It will be Hogan’s first appearance on WWE’s television programming since he was released in the summer of 2015 following the racist comments from his sex tape that were made public.

Last summer, the company announced that Hogan was being placed back into its Hall of Fame and Hogan met with the locker room backstage at the Extreme Rules event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last July.

Monday’s Raw will be up against the College Football Championship game between Alabama and Clemson. They have announced the following for Raw:
*Appearances by John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Hulk Hogan
*The return of Braun Strowman
*The debut of Alexa Bliss’ new talk show segment with guest Ronda Rousey
*Chad Gable and Bobby Roode vs. The Revival for the Raw tag titles
*Baron Corbin vs. Elias

If their was somebody that will always be associate with Mean Gene, it’s Hulk Hogan and am glad that they invited him to do the tribute on Raw. I’m just hoping that fans will be respectful enough to not boo Hogan out of the building because that would be not only disrespectful to Hulk but even more it would be disrespectful to the memory of mean gene.

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You’re a weird dude.

Fuck this company. They’ve been waiting for an opportunity to bring him back at a time he won’t get booed, and this is it. Revolting.

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You are new to wrestling right… Just asking because if you were a old school wrestling fans you wouldn’t have written what you just did and you would have understood the real reason why Hogan is doing this. Mean Gene was a good friend with Hogan and from what i saw, they were really great friend plus if you look at the history of wrestling, Hogan as been a big part of gene’s career as they started together in the AWA.

So it make sense to bring one of his best friend and the one guy that’s more associate with him to pay tribute to the guy.

I know that you don’t like what hogan did, but please be respectful as it as nothing to do with the company waiting for a opportunity to bring hogan back and all about paying tribute to one of the greatest backstage interviewer in the business by asking his best friend to say something to pay tribute to a great guy.

“You know something Mean Gene” is an iconic phrase not just in wrestling but in pop culture. Hogan also inducted Gene into the HOF. If they are hell bent on getting Hogan back this is the perfect time to do it.

I get annoyed with Terry for the stupid things he says I do not believe he is racist.

I don’t believe hulk hogan’s achievements should ever be ignored, good for him getting to come back and show some love to mene gene.

They are using a man’s death to facilitate the return to public life of a racist.

It’s scummy and distasteful, irrespective of the relationship between the two.


Of all the defenses you can have for the man, this is the dumbest and the most pathetic.

He literally said he was a racist. As in flat out said the words “I am a racist” out loud. Yet here you are trying to act like there’s some sort of nuance or interpretation required to analyse the accusations.

I understand the cynicism the wwe have sometimes they certainly have not help themselves recently, but I don’t think things always have to be as suspicious and sceptical. Hulk and Gene go way back, Vince and Gene go way back i think the death of Gene is one that would of hurt Vince McMahon I think this is his way of giving something back. if it’s for a ratings decoy they already have Brock Lesnar John Cena and Braun Strowman on Monday I don’t think adding hulk hogan makes a big difference.

He said “I am racist to a point” then said “were all a little racist”.

No one should take anything that comes out of Hogan’s mouth as serious. Every time he talks it is just completely nonsensical and filled with lies. He is such an odd guy, I don’t know what to make of him.

that’S you’re opinion and you have the right to it but everybody has the right to a second chance. Mean gene was a great friend to hogan even through all the stuff that was happening during that period.

If you said some racist stuff and people close to you found out. Then your best friend die and his family doesn’T want to you at your best friend’s funeral because of what you said in the past. Would you be mad at them for not including you? They don’t need Hogan to come back on tv unless it’s a very special occasion. They wanted to do something special for a guy that’s been a staple of the company for over 40 years and when you think Mean Gene, you automatically think Hogan and it would be very disrespectful to the memory of Gene of you did a tribute and not bring the one guy that’S been associate the most with him.

Gene would want Hogan to be there as they always been very close. So i know you see this as WWE using a man death to facilitate Hogan return. But that as nothing to do with it and it’s more about doing something special for mean gene okerlund and bringing one of his best friend to pay tribute to him. Gene defended Hogan throughout his ordeal and hogan is returning the favor. After that appearance hogan will go back to doing what he’s doing and fans that are still mad about something that happened a long time ago will be able to go back to hating something else.

The important thing isn’t that Hogan is back but that they are paying tribute to a guy that meant the world to the WWE and they invited one of his best friend to pay tribute to him.

Thinking that this is just WWE trying to exploit a men death for their own gain is disrespectful to the memory of Mean gene okerlund, and it showing how much you don’t know anything about WWE and the peoples working in it.

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I respectfully disagree and unlike you I don’t need to hurl around insults have a look at yourself buddy and get some manners.

With all the black and African wrestlers Terry Bollea has worked with over the decades I don’t truly believe deep down he is a racist in my opinion. maybe I am wrong but that is my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

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Having a problem with your opinion being called dumb and pathetic and getting on your high horse about “manners” while simultaneously defending Hogan is hilarious. Have some self awareness.

Take your own advice people in life won’t always have the same opinion as you do. You’re the one who can’t seem to accept that. You may be right about Terry.

Yes, and sometimes people will have the opinion that somebody else’s are dumb and pathetic.

Like with most of the posts you make in this forum you just want to be heard, you insult people and try to belittle them but maybe if you could learn to converse with people instead you might have a better time.

I insulted your opinion because i think it’s ridiculous beyond the point of sensible discussion. You actually have a point though, because generally i’d just ignore such comments in discussion forums and let somebody else waste their breath instead.

Even a forensic analysis of my posting history wouldn’t align with the odd picture you’re trying to paint. But at least it’s a better assessment of somebody’s words than claiming a man who had a problem with his daughter dating black men, called an entire race of people ‘fucking n******’ and flat out admitted he’s a racist…isn’t a racist.

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We supposed to forget Hogan already appeared for this company?

LOL…I’m going to laugh my ass off, when he gets the biggest pop the last couple of years like he did every time he was supposedly the biggest piece of shit in rasslin since WCW went out if business.


It’s hard to judge hogan whenever he does interviews so I’m judging Terry Bollea by his actions throughout his career with what he’s done and who he has worked with. If his peers say they don’t believe he’s a racist then that’s good enough for me. If Booker T and Mark Hendry, people that have been around Terry Bollea who are willing to forgive then that’s good enough for me.

Everyone has said stupid & hurtful things in their private life that people wouldn’t like, that they regret I suspect. I dunno I certainly don’t blame people who never want to see this man again on their television, I would just rather see someone show remorse and embarrassment “like he has” and apologise profusely “like he has” and get a little bit of redemption and learn from it, rather than just simply locking him up and throwing away the key.

Hopefully he’s a better person time will tell…